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Sep. 29, 2022

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Sep. 29, 2022

BASF Canada Inc
Canada  Canada

Farm shows are a good place for companies to show growers new products that are just around the corner, and BASF took the opportunity to do just that at Ag in Motion this summer.

Bethany Wyatt, senior technical service specialist with BASF, displayed the latest weed control product with a new group 14 herbicide that aims to increase burndown and provide residual weed control.

″When it comes to weed management in particular, we have just launched new Voraxor,″ said Wyatt. ″It’s a pre-seed herbicide. We’re going to be moving to Voraxor away from the Heat series when it comes to a pre-seed burnoff standpoint.″

Wyatt also addressed the challenge of herbicide resistance for growers, particularly when it comes to kochia, adding that Voraxor along with Voraxor Complete will play an important role.

″By adding in a Group 14, but additionally with Voraxor Complete and adding in a 15, you’re going to have two extra modes of action that will have activity on that,″ said Wyatt.

Cory Ralph, a technical service specialist with BASF, was also on-site to show attendees three new canola hybrids that will be available for growers in 2023: Invigor L350PC, LR354PC and L359HPC.

″I’m excited to see these three new hybrids going into 2023,″ said Ralph.

Ralph also shared his advice for growers dealing with weather stresses – particularly drought – that has impacted Prairie growers in recent years.

″One thing I like to point out to growers to reduce some risk is rotating some of the hybrids on your farm… if it’s heat blasting, if you have a later maturing one, early maturing one on your farm,″ said Wyatt. ″Hopefully that high heat is only hitting one of those hybrids and reducing risk from some of those environmental stresses.″

Read more at albertafarmexpress.ca.


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