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Sep. 6, 2022

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Sep. 6, 2022

logo3.pngThe 23rd edition of the Brazilian Entomology Congress, which is receiving special coverage from AgroPages, highlighted the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Brazilian agriculture this year.

On the first day of the event, there was a debate on this topic, bringing together representatives from Mapa (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply), the sectoral entity CropLife Brasil and Promip, a manufacturer of microbiological (viruses, bacteria and fungi) and macrobiological (mites, insects and nematodes).

Promip's CEO, agronomist Marcelo Poletti, stressed that the meeting was a valuable opportunity to spread the importance of Integrated Pest Management in Brazilian agriculture.

From left to right - 1. Júlia Carlini - Carrefour, 2. Pedro Yamamoto - Esalq, 3. Roberto Araújo, Croplife, 4. Marcelo Poletti, Promip e 5. Joaquim Dias, MAPA.jpg

From left to right - 1. Júlia Carlini - Carrefour, 2. Pedro Yamamoto - Esalq, 3. Roberto Araújo, Croplife, 4. Marcelo Poletti, Promip and 5. Joaquim Dias, MAPA

According to Poletti, Promip is at the forefront of developing an unprecedented national certification of quality and sustainability aimed at producing fruits and vegetables (FLV), scheduled to be launched this year.

″It is an endorsement for production systems that preserve the environment and biodiversity, save water, reduce gas emissions and chemical residues,″ Marcelo Poletti summarized.

One of the pioneers in Brazil in the development of biological matrix inputs for crop protection, Promip currently has one of the most modern biofactories in the country, with almost 60,000², in the city of Engenheiro Coelho.

The company, born as a startup in 2016, was the first to receive investment from the Paulista Innovation Fund, and has received several investments in recent years.


The Brazilian Entomology Congress 2022, held in the city of Fortaleza, brought together researchers, agribusiness companies and scientists dedicated to studying insects and preserving biodiversity in agriculture.

The organization of the event, whose theme will be Biodiversity: knowing, conserving and using, is the responsibility of SEB (Entomological Society of Brazil).

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)


Source: AgroNews
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