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Shanghai Yuelian launched 7 Oil dispersion formulation products and rated by BASF as ″most supportive partner″qrcode

Aug. 26, 2022

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Aug. 26, 2022

August 16, 2022, BASF (China) Ltd Agricultural Solutions awarded Shanghai Yuelian Chemical Co., Ltd and Shanghai Yuelian Biotechnology Co., Ltd the ″most supportive partner″ trophy. 


 Jackson WANG, Global Vice President of BASF AP presented the "Most Supportive Partner" trophy to Shanghai Yuelian


From March to June this year, which was Shanghai’s most serious period of the outbreak of COVID-19, Shanghai Yuelian not only managed to secure normal contract supplies to BASF, but also succeeded in bringing the new OD(Oil dispersion formulation) project in cooperation with BASF on stream on schedule. Today, Shanghai Yuelian’s production equipment, production system, product quality, research and development capabilities are able to fulfill higher production requirements.


Yuelian launched 7 Oil dispersion formulation products


Since 2015, Yuelian has focused its effort on OD development, having successfully developed 7 OD products outlined in table as below:


It is known that not all ingredients can be or necessary to be formulated into OD. Which of the products fits for OD formulation? 

1.Some pesticidal active ingredients, if being processed to OD, can have a synergistic effect, especially herbicides, which will significantly improve the effect of control. 

2.Some pesticidal active ingredients, which are unstable in water, if being processed to OD, will not only be good for the best performance of active ingredients, but will also improve the stability of the products. 

3.Some pesticides with poor lipophilicity, if being processed to OD, can improve lipophilicity and permeability, such that the agent can penetrate into plants to play its effective role and improve product effect. 

What are the advantages of OD over traditional SC?

Comparison between OD and SC


Technical precautions regarding the use

1.Correct use: after shaking up evenly, add water first and then add agent.

2.Due to the nature of oil suspension, to shake stronger than shaking SC. 

Difficulties in production of OD products

With the development of pesticide formulation, the formulations made of disperse medium based on oils, which are safe, environment friendly, synergistic and free of contamination on crops, are of the features of stable dispersion, drift resistance, good settling and adhesion as well as an obvious synergistic effect on the targets of application. Oil dispersion has developed rapidly over recent years, being a high-efficient and environment-friendly type of formulation. 

At present, the problem of instability for long-time storage exists in OD products, which causes oil separation and bottom sticking. This is quite common. To tackle the difficulty in processing and the unsatisfactory storage stability, Yuelian’s technical team has successfully developed high-quality OD products, which have the following features:

1.The use of excellent adjuvant and formula mechanism can ensure no separation of oil, resulting in a stable product quality.

2.After dilution, the state of dispersion becomes more stable; the active ingredients are less aggregated; the particle size and particle distribution become more even. 

3.As being adapted to different water hardness, compounding is more dependable, because after dilution the agent is evenly dispersed and distributed, with less settling and bottom sticking.

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