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PilarBio launches Pilarcore to become next leader in encapsulation technology within pesticide industryqrcode

Aug. 23, 2022

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Aug. 23, 2022

On August 4, the ″2022 (First) Fruit Fly Prevention and Control Summit Forum and Pilarcore Brand Launch Conference″ was held in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, China.

Experts from the National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center (NATESC) and researchers from scientific research institutes were invited to give lectures at the event. Executives from PilarBio Group, as well as many major distributors, retailers and representatives of large growers, attended the conference. Through professional training, pesticides can be correctly applied to control pests and achieve higher yields. At the event, PilarBio announced the launch of the ″Pilarcore″ brand for encapsulated products, marking the start of a global brand.

Fruit flies belong to the family, Tephritidae, which are flexible in flight and have strong reproductive abilities. Their eggs are laid in the peel of melons and fruits through stingers, and egg rafts are difficult to detect by the naked eye. This type of migratory insect is difficult to control and is a problem for farmers. Fruit flies spread rapidly from south to north, with a wide range of hosts and many species. In addition to the citrus growing region, they are likely to occur in all crops in the future.

According to Li Yongping (Senior Agronomist at the NATESC), the pesticide reduction campaign will continue during the period of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and there is an urgent need to develop highly efficient and low-risk control technologies. Highly efficient and green formulations will also inevitably become mainstream in pesticide development.


The chemical control of fruit flies is mainly based on pyrethroids. PilarBio has also participated in several national key R&D projects, and launched Mingrunfeng® (Pilartep®), Lishan®, Delika® (Pilarclotrin®) and other related products, which showed excellent results in trial demonstrations. Encapsulated products, such as Jinggongfu® (Pilarmd®) and Delika®, offer long lasting effect and will open new opportunities in the niche market.

Chen Weiping (Associate Researcher of the Plant Protection Research Institute, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences) said adult fruit flies often lay eggs in the flesh of fruits and vegetables, and an outbreak, if not controlled in time, can have a serious impact on the yield and quality of fruits and vegetables. Currently, there are three main methods of prevention and control, which are: 

1) To lure, trap and kill adults to change the male to female ratio, therefore, reducing and controlling numbers. 

2) Fruit bagging, which is safe and environmentally-friendly but time and labor-consuming. 

3) Chemical control, therefore, repelling and killing flies, as well as establishing an effective ecological prevention and control system. 


There are currently 48 species of fruit flies known in China, which can harm more than 250 types of fruits and vegetables. In the new agricultural era, everyone aims for improved quality and increased income, which has been difficult for fruit farmers to achieve due to low attention and low specialization. In the niche market, encapsulated products, such as Delika® and Jinggongfu®, which are mainly composed of lambda-cyhalothrin and are fast-acting, safe, long-lasting, labor-efficient and have a broad-spectrum effect, can solve related problem while reducing the amounts used, increasing yield and improving quality.

Mu Canxian (Chairman of the PilarBio Group) said that PilarBio has developed into a group company with modern production bases, GLP laboratories, several sales subsidiaries, and many partners in more than 60 countries and regions.


With the goal of becoming a leading leading brand in encapsulated agrochemical products, Pilarcore will help establish Pilar’s core competitiveness and ″firewall,″ help reduce pesticide use, increase efficiency, improve the ecological environment, lead global encapsulated formulation technology and product innovation, and support the healthy and sustainable development of global agriculture. PilarBio will also continue its efforts to create safer, more environmentally-friendly and more efficient encapsulated products.

PilarBio’s four core technologies, which are encapsulation technology-based weeding, secondary film formation, tertiary disinsection and double film protection, have achieved their expected results in agricultural production and gained a good reputation among users in terms of safety, quick acting, long lasting effect, reduced use rate with improved efficiency, reduced application and good photolysis resistance.

PilarBio constantly upgrades its products to meet the needs of different scenarios and users, enabling its formulation process for its Pilarcore series products to lead the industry. PilarBio offers value in the four areas of innovation, professionalism, differentiation strategy and social responsibility, and has successfully seized the commanding position as the leader in encapsulation technology within the pesticide industry.

To realize the ambitions and strategic objectives of the Pilarcore brand, over the next five years, PilarBio will implement a brand building plan involving one brand, two core values, four encapsulated product lines, 11 core compounds, 17 differentiated encapsulated products, 60 countries and regions, 500 strategic partners, 2,500 authorized service stations, 24,000 fan users, an 80 million mu application area, and a sales target of RMB1 billion.

Relying on the ″Pilarcore″ brand and the advantages of encapsulation technology, PilarBio will comprehensively enter the global market and lead in niche markets, such as fruit fly control, the closed weeding of paddies, closed weeding for planting Chinese medicinal plants, and the strip interplanting of soybean and corn, as well as encapsulation technology and nano-pesticide technology.


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