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French multinational De Sangosse enters the biological market in Brazilqrcode

Aug. 2, 2022

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Aug. 2, 2022

The Brazilian subsidiary of the French group De Sangosse has announced firsthand to AgroPages its entry into the biological inputs market in Brazil.

There will be seven new products that make up the Bio Solutions line portfolio. ″We are constantly investing in studies, research and partnerships that ensure a strategic position in this market,″ said Marco Lopes, CEO of De Sangosse Brasil.


Marco Lopes, CEO of De Sangosse Brasil

″We reached a breaking point when we realized that we are agents of change and that we need to act in favor of sustainable development, creating solutions that promote concrete advances to raise the levels of productivity and profitability of crops, combining respect for the environment, control of impacts, health and food safety,″ the executive explained.

According to Lopes, the company's entry into the sector has been planned for some years. However, with an average growth of 30% per year since 2017, the company plans to double its revenue in the next three years with this new phase.

Grupo De Sangosse, with 95 years of history, has its origins in Agen, France. It is made up of 26 companies operating around the world with diverse and complementary expertise and that have been in the bioinput sector for at least eight years, with exclusive, validated and consolidated technologies, mainly in the European market.

According to Lopes, the headquarters in France has provided all the support for the development of biological products in Brazilian agriculture. Thus, there is a forecast for several launches of the company in Brazil.

″We have nine research laboratories in the Group focused on bringing innovative solutions to the agricultural market. Today, we have 44 new specialties under development and, here, our R&D sector works with the validation and tropicalization of these technologies, which gives us the security and know-how to offer the best solutions,″ he emphasized.


In this first phase, the portfolio stands out with the launch of the SC5® microbiological soil conditioner, an unprecedented solution on the market, composed 100% of Pseudomonas thivervalensis SC5 bacteria, which promote different enzymatic activities and increase the availability of several essential nutrients for growth. of plants, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, sulfur and zinc.

The product, which is indicated for all crops, also helps activate the plants' natural defenses against pathogens and reduce water and saline stress. The SC5® product was one of the champions of the challenge of innovative solutions for citrus at ExpoCitros Tech Mapa Conecta, promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), in 2022.

Brazilian producers will also get to know Messenger®, a biological nematicide with three microorganisms and high efficiency in controlling the main nematodes of national crops. The product acts at different stages of pest development, from egg to juvenile, providing effective nematode control.

The new line also has the Gladiador® biological fungicide, composed of the Trichoderma asperellum microorganism that brings greater plant health and system balance. The product's mode of action is through parasitism, antibiosis and competition. In field results, the areas treated with the product achieved 20% more productivity than the control area.

As a contact biological insecticide, the launch is Paragran®, indicated for all cultures with the occurrence of biological targets, such as the leafhopper of the pastures and the leafhopper of the roots. Papillon® is an insecticide and biological acaricide with the microorganism Beauveria bassiana, which still has a prolonged residual effect after application.

The line also brings the multisite biofungicide Restrict®, with an association of two bacteria. Easy to apply, the product has a broad spectrum of control for foliar diseases, providing control with multiple modes of action.

Finally, the Baryon® product has natural bioactive components that provide a better nutritional and physiological balance of crops, making plants more apt and resistant under conditions of biotic and abiotic stresses.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

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