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Asilan technical granted registration in China for first timeqrcode

Aug. 2, 2022

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Aug. 2, 2022

On 28th June, 2022, ICAMA of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced tits latest batch of pesticide registrations, which includes Asilan (Asulam, Asulox, MB9057) technical 97% produced by Nantong CAC International, approved for the first time in China but for exportation to Australia only.

Asilan is a cell growth inhibitor and is a systemic carbamate selective herbicide suitable for application during the seedling stage. It was initially discovered by H. J. Cottrell & B. J. Heywood, and was launched to market by May and Baker AG (within Bayer). It can be applied to sugarcane, fir, turf, ornamental crops and non-crop fields.

Asilan can be easily absorbed by the stems, leaves and roots of plants, and is then transported to the growth point of underground rhizomes, therefore, inhibiting the breathing of underground rhizomes, disabling their reproductive capabilities and preventing cell division, resulting in the death of target plants. The product obstructs folic acid, which prevents the synthesis of nucleic acid.

Asilan also has a broad spectrum, synergistic and long-lasting effect when used as a post-emergence herbicide applied to stems and leaves, primarily for controlling annual weeds and perennial weeds in sugarcane fields, such as barnyard grass, crab grass and moleplant seeds. It can also be applied to cotton, soybean, cereal, sugar beet, tomato and onion for controlling green bristlegrass, wheatgrass, creeping thistle, crab grass and moleplant. In addition, it can be used as a plant growth regulator on sugarcane fields to increase sugar content. At 10 weeks before harvesting, apply 600 to 2,000 g/hm2.

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