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Ten new varieties of BASF's Xitavo™ soybean seed are being introduced for 2023qrcode

Aug. 2, 2022

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Aug. 2, 2022

Xitavo soybean seed, distributed exclusively by BASF, is offering 10 new soybean varieties for the upcoming year. With these additions, the Xitavo seed portfolio includes a total of 39 varieties covering relative maturities 0.1 to 4.7.

All new varieties feature Enlist E3 technology to combat difficult weeds and will be available for the 2023 growing season. Xitavo soybean seed is owned by M.S. Technologies and solely distributed by BASF.

″These new varieties support versatility and include the Enlist E3 triple-stack herbicide-tolerant trait to give farmers confidence in their soybean weed control program,″ said Marc Hoobler, U.S. soybean agronomy lead for BASF. ″They have been extensively tested and evaluated by our leading team of agronomists to ensure the seed rises above and beyond industry standard.* We are excited to provide growers with these new varieties as a strong foundation for their entire soy acre.″

Hoobler highlighted several high-yielding Xitavo soybean varieties:

  • XO 3803E: This soybean variety is a dominant yield performer in late group 3 relative maturity (RM). It provides good tolerance for PRR/SDS/FELS and yields 107.6% of the test mean.

  • XO 2613E: A semi-bushy variety with two years of solid performance, this seed variety fosters good height with standability and a clean look to cover an assortment of acres. It yields 104.3% of the test mean.

  • XO 2323E: A complete package with multifaceted disease tolerance, this soybean variety yields 105.3% of the test mean and includes excellent IDC and stress tolerance.

  • XO 3483E: This variety stands out with a good all-around defensive package with PRR, SDS, & FELS tolerance. It is complete with STS tolerance for enhanced weed control and yields 103.9% of the test mean.

  • XO 2963E: This variety yields 104.5% of the test mean and provides Peking resistance for diverse SCN control. It bares resistance to BSR and the Rps1K gene for PRR.

Xitavo soybean seed is designed with the understanding that a high-performing crop starts below the ground. Enlist E3 soybeans offer growers an advanced herbicide-tolerant trait technology with maximum flexibility and convenience.

BASF provides growers with support that extends beyond the field. Seed agronomists and agronomic solutions advisors consult with crop protection, technical service and seed treatment field representatives to give growers customized advice and recommendations for their field. These representatives also collaborate with consultants and university Extension specialists to capture, evaluate and summarize variety information.

″The introduction of these new high-yielding varieties along with the expertise of BASF representatives will give growers strong weed-control tactics and support for a successful season,″ said Hoobler.

*From BASF and/or University 2021 field trials. Results may vary based on agronomic practices and weather conditions.

Source: BASF


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