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Jul. 28, 2022

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Jul. 28, 2022

In 2022, China's "14th Five-Year" National Pesticide Industry Plan was released, a new modern pesticide production system is being formed. Overseas, global energy, chemical production and agricultural production are undergoing great challenges, which threatening the global food supply. Regional agricultural markets are also facing challenges, which will also affect the future development pattern of the agrochemical market.

From 16-17 August 2022, the 6th China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) will be held in Hangzhou, China. 


CPEW will continue to play a role as a platform to aggregate the upstream and downstream entities of the agricultural industry chain. We will discuss the development trend of Chinese pesticide industry, global agricultural development, and how agrochemical enterprises should achieve their own development breakthrough. 

The CPEW is an offline event, without online live broadcast. So we welcome you to recommend your Chinese partners, purchasing representatives and business managers to attend the workshop to get latest information about China pesticide industry. 

English introduction of 2022CPEW: https://events.agropages.com/EventsShow-3093-638c11be.html

Chinese introduction of 2022CPEW: https://events.agropages.com/cn/EventsShow-3099-51322389.html#A2


Exclusive Title Sponsor:Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer:Shandong Huimeng Biotech Co., Ltd.;Hangzhou Udragon Chemical Co Ltd.

Sponsor:CAC Nantong Chemical Co.,Ltd;Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co Ltd;IBI-LYDD ;REACH24H;Jiangsu Weunite Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.;Anyang Quanfeng Agriculture Chemical Co.,Ltd.;Hebei Xingbai Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd.;TrustChem Co., Ltd.;Hebei Lansheng Biotech Co., Ltd.;Dalian Join King Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.;Jiangsu Nongbo Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.;Lier Chemical Co., Ltd.



 CAC Nantong Chemical Forum 

The challenges and opportunities facing China's pesticide industry


Openning Speech

Du Hui

Vice General Manager, Qilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia)


The "14th Five-Year" pesticide industry planning and its influence to the internationalization of China's pesticide industry

Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs


Market impetus of China’s GM commercialization

Liu Shi

Executive Vice President, Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group


Analysis of China's pesticide export



Perspective on the development of chemical industry parks and agrochemical enterprises in Northwest China

Yang Guangliang

Senior Engineer, China National Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute


Analysis of Several Influencing Factors Affecting the Development of China's Chemical Industry 

Zhang Yansheng

Principal Researcher, CINDA SECURITIES 


Xingfa Forum

Reconstruction of Global Agriculture/Agrochemical Industry Chain


Trends of crop cultivation and trade in the Black Sea region and its impact on the global food system

Andrey Sizov

General Manager, SovEcon


Innovative supply chain management of multinational companies

Xiao Jiajun

Global Category Lead-Active Ingredient Procurement Manager, Nufarm Chemical Shanghai


Discussion on the development trend and core competitiveness of Indian agrochemical industry

Fan Guoqiang

General Manager, Beijing LuckyStar


The changes of US agrochemical supply chain under the influence factors such as the pandemic, trade war and geopolitics 

Terry Kippley 

Presiednt, Council of Producers & Distributors of Agrotechnology (CPDA)

Dean W. Hendrickson

Vice President, CHS Inc.


LYDD Forum

Exploration on Upgrading China's Pesticide Supply System


   - Production and technical system


Building a complete industrial chain and creating an integrated advantage of research, production and sales

Shen Yang

Vice General Manager, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical


  - R&D and commercialization system


The experience of integrating international resources to expand the new compound market

Hitoshi Kudo

General Manager of AgriScience Division, Mitsui & Co


How long is the road from creation to market of a newly developed compound?      

Li Bin

Senior Engineer, Shengyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co.

Liang Mengyuan

Overseas Sales Director, Shandong Cynda Chemical Co.


- Upstream and downstream synergy - fluorinated pesticide industry focus

Fluorinated pesticide industry map - aliphatic fluorine fine chemical industry chain

Liu Chuang

Specialty Chemicals Division Chief Director, Sinochem Lantian


Pyridine heterocyclic fluorine fine chemical industry chain

Liu Shuwen

Director of R&D Department, Shandong Huimeng Biotech


Pesticide-related aromatic (benzene ring) fluorine fine chemical industry

Jin Yizhong

Vice General Manager, Zhejiang Yongtai Technology


REACH24H Forum

Changes in the terminal market and its strategic advantages


-  Latin America

Discussion on the EU’s latest policy on pesticides and its enlightenment to the development of Brazil's pesticide registration regulations

Zhang Jingjing

Technical Supervisor, REACH24H


Analysis of application, advantageous varieties, and registration strategies in Brazil's fungicide market

Wu Kang

Technical Director, Hills Consulting


Inventory/Price/Purchase: Discussion on Risks in Brazil's Terminal Market

Jones Yasuda

General Manager, Connection Adviser & Management Ltda.


The overall impact of international environmental turmoil on the Brazilian agricultural input market

Nutrien Brazil


The different market entry and development routes for different in Latin America countries

Jim Eckles

CEO, Strategia


 -  ″One Belt One Road″

Discussion on the regional advantages of Turkey agrochemical market as connecting the East and the West      

Berkan Kaya

Director, Deva Agro 


Potential of Kazakhstan's agrochemical market

Almas Akhmediya

International Relations Manager, First Agrochemical Company



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