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Meeting Changing Needs in Seed Quality Control and Crop Trait Development with MolGenqrcode

Aug. 5, 2022

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Aug. 5, 2022

2.pngNucleic acids carry the genetic blueprint of all living cells. Broadly, there are two categories of nucleic acids: deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA); it is these that carry instructions for the functioning of the cell and continuity of life.

Testing of genomic material in plants is important in many agricultural fields, like seed quality control and crop trait development. Plant tissues are being tested on many different levels, like population genetics, disease resistance, trait genetics, plant physiology, and improvement of yield. To assess these factors, genomic DNA extraction from the leaf, seed, root or other plant material is crucial. Researchers in the plant industry require high-quality genomic DNA to perform reproducible DNA analysis by RT-PCR, NGS, or other downstream processes. Besides quality and crop control in plants, assessing genomic DNA is also important for animal research and industry. Animal DNA is tested for disease control, antibiotic resistance, animal physiology research and hereditary trait testing.

Every day, our world changes and the population’s demand for healthy yields in crops and livestock increases. MolGen is perfectly positioned in the market to help advance the agricultural industry with its commercialized high-tech automated systems, reagents and consumables directed at agriculture professional laboratories and partners of all sizes. To assist in the growing demand for high-quality genomic DNA extraction from plant and animal samples, MolGen has several specialized extraction kits available, like the Seed, Leaf, and Animal kit. These kits are fully customizable, and can be optimized for the specific sample type and application to guarantee high-quality yields.


MolGen’s Seed, Leaf, and Animal Extraction Kits

MolGen’s extraction kits are suitable for manual and automated extraction processes. As the kits are complete without the need for additional material, chemical waste is minimised. MolGen’s nucleic acid extraction kit contains an optimized method of extraction: the ability to achieve fast magnetic separation due to specialized strong magnetic beads. The beads are created and optimized to ensure results are high yields of purified DNA.

MolGen’s PurePrep Seed Kit which works with PurePrep 96 and is intended for manual and automated DNA and RNA extraction and optimized for plant samples like wheat, sunflower, tomato, pepper, cucumber, lettuce, and more. The extraction chemistry is specifically developed for use with plant samples rich in fats and oils, especially seeds. The kit has a high DNA yield and purity suitable for many genomic applications such as SNP genotyping and DNA sequencing.


MolGen’s PurePrep Seed Kit

The PurePrep Leaf kit is similar to the PurePrep Seed kit, except that the Leaf kit is optimized to extract DNA from plant leaf samples, which are rich in secondary metabolites. The CTAB-based extraction chemistry is validated for many different plant species and can be customized to meet any specific requirements of yields, purity, working volumes.


PurePrep Leaf kit

Finally, the PurePrep Animal kit allows fast and cost-effective extraction of DNA from various animal samples like blood, semen, hairs, saliva/swabs, tissue and dried blood spots. This universal DNA purification kit is optimized to extract DNA from these sample materials with the highest purity and delivering DNA which is suitable for genotyping assays or other qPCR-based analysis. The extraction chemistry is validated on different species, e.g. horse, swine, dog, cattle and can be customized to meet any specific requirements of yields, purity, working volumes.


PurePrep Animal kit

All the above-mentioned kits are available to be customized according to the user’s needs. MolGen has many more DNA/RNA extraction kits available. For more information, visit http://molgen.com or contact us via info@molgen.com

This article was initially published in AgroPages' '2022 Seed Treatment Special' magazine.


Source: AgroNews


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