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Syngenta rolls out 3 AgriPro winter wheat varieties in the U.S.qrcode

−− Three new hard red winter wheat varieties target the Central Great Plains

Jul. 12, 2022

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Jul. 12, 2022

Syngenta United States
United States  United States

As global wheat stocks are expected to remain tight through 2023, Syngenta is offering three new varietal options to help Central Plains wheat growers increase yield potential and resist common diseases for this winter wheat planting season.

The new AgriPro-brand wheat varieties are AP Bigfoot, AP Solid and AP Longjack.

″All three of these varieties performed exceptionally well across Syngenta AgriPro’s testing areas for wheat,″ says Josh Coltrain, AgriPro winter wheat technical lead from Kansas. ″Growers can feel confident in choosing these new varieties and their performance under our testing procedures.″

AP Bigfoot

AP Bigfoot is a medium- to early-maturity variety that has proven strong yield data and test weights across the region. It performs well in low-pH soils and dryland systems and features a very good leaf and stripe rust resistance. A good choice for planting after soybeans, AP Bigfoot is also one of the top AgriPro-brand varieties for protection against wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV). Growers in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming can buy the new variety.

Adrian Polansky, a wheat grower from Belleville, Kan., tested AP Bigfoot in 2021 and planted it for the 2022 season.

″The yield performance of over 100 bushels per acre and test weights were excellent for us in 2021,″ Polansky says. ″In addition, with its excellent disease tolerance and winterhardiness, AP Bigfoot is a great variety for wheat growers in the Central Plains.″

AP Solid

The second new AgriPro-brand variety, AP Solid, is a medium- to late-maturity variety featuring solid yield potential for Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and western Nebraska growers. AP Solid’s improved stems also help with sawfly management. Montana State University confirmed it has an excellent solidness score.

AP Longjack

For Central Plains wheat growers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, AP Longjack is a medium- to late-maturity variety with good straw strength. AP Longjack also offers the best winterhardiness and highest grain yield in the awnless variety from AgriPro.

″All three of these new varieties offer growers the opportunity to maximize their yield potential this season,″ Coltrain says.

Backed by more than 50 years of wheat-breeding expertise, AgriPro-brand wheat varieties are consistent top performers that offer best-in-class disease packages, and outstanding agronomics and yield potential.


Source: Syngenta USA


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