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GreenLight Biosciences announces new partnership with RiNova, CSO Italy, and UNAPeraqrcode

Jun. 17, 2022

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Jun. 17, 2022


GreenLight Biosciences, RiNova, CSO Italy, and UNAPera signed an agreement to work toward the development and commercialization of GreenLight’s RNA-based agricultural pest solutions to farms in Italy.

The agreement aims to develop a collaboration for GreenLight’s proprietary, low- to no-residue RNA-based technology solutions designed to control fungi, viruses, and insects that attack crops, in line with the EU Farm to Fork strategy of reducing the use of traditional pesticides by 50 percent by 2030.

The memorandum of understanding, which represents one of the initiatives envisioned by the institutional mission of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region, will be valid for five years.

GreenLight is awaiting EPA approval for its first product, a solution that combats Colorado potato beetles, which create more than $500 million of crop damage and waste every year. The company is also currently in either field trials or regulatory trials for RNA-based solutions to a variety of pests, including:

Varroa destructor mite, which decimates and destroys honeybee hives, causes approximately $290 million in annual losses for beekeepers.

Botrytis, which affects soft fruit and other food crops, causes approximately $1.2 billion annual losses for farmers.

Powdery mildew, which affects grapes and other fruit, causes approximately $1.4 billion in annual losses for farmers and vintners.

Introducing RNA-based pest-fighting technologies into European agriculture will help EU countries and other European nations to use innovative, non-traditional methods with a novel model of action.

Field trials of GreenLight’s Colorado potato beetle solution have shown low- to no-residues, offering a variety of environmental and consumer benefits. In addition, although conventional pesticides can require special protective equipment for farmworkers, it is anticipated that just basic work gloves will be required for these products.

GreenLight Biosciences, a public benefit corporation, also has collaborative partnerships in place with Serum Institute of India, Samsung Biologics, IAVI, and other prominent global organizations.


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