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Corteva Agriscience releases operation standard for aerial application of its Pexalon (triflumezopyrim 10% SC) in Chinaqrcode

Jun. 16, 2022

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Jun. 16, 2022

Corteva Agriscience released the operation standard for the aerial application of its Pexalon (triflumezopyrim 10% SC) for control of rice planthoppers in China, on June 7, 2022. 

The release of the operation standard will promote the continuous advancement of the aerial application technique and the standard development, which will help rice growers to control rice planthoppers easily and efficiently. 

Addressing a press conference, Zheng Ziqin, Corteva Greater China Director, said, “The release of the Pexalon operation standard is a customized aerial application in support of rice grower’s efficient and safe control of rice planthoppers. With the features of high safety, low toxicity, pollution-free application and efficient effect of control, since its release in 2018, Pexalon wins high recognition and has become popular among users. The product also plays an active role in China’s pesticide-use decrease and efficiency increase initiative. When the excellent performance of Pexalon is combined with the advanced aerial application technique, it will play a more practical and efficient role in efficiency and yield increase.”

“With the presence of a high-efficient pesticide, the number of planthoppers is controlled effectively. When resistance occurs to major pesticides, the number of planthoppers will increase continuously. In case a combination of chemical pesticides is recommended for application, the use of triflumezopyrim in the early stage and the use of pymetrozine 25 days later will not only lead to a satisfactory effect of control, but will also provide a long-lasting effect with less damage on natural enemies,” said Li Yongping, a senior agronomist of the National Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center, when speaking about the technique of prevention and control of rice planthoppers.

The aerial application of Pexalon has gone through more than 80 field research trials and hundreds of demonstrations using DJI, XAG and Hanhe crop protection UAVs. As a result, Pexalon has helped achieve a satisfactory control effect. Pexalon can also be applied using a knapsack sprayer, which provides an equivalent effect of control of planthoppers with an even longer control effect. In addition, the product is superior in maintaining high rice yield, which really helps farmers to achieve high-quality and high-yield harvesting of paddy rice. 


Source: AgroNews


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