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AgroShield introduces Bacilifol and Larixifolqrcode

May. 18, 2022

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May. 18, 2022

"For decades, the agriculture industry has used fungicidal compounds to combat harmful pathogens and diseases. Although these treatments have historically proven to be highly effective, prolonged usage has led to pathogenic resistance and a loss of potency," says Richard Selby, AgroShield’s Chairman. "As a result, farmers have been forced to apply higher amounts of fungicide just to maintain the outcomes achieved in the past. Over time, this trend has led to higher input costs, greater soil degradation, increased health risks, and a host of other environmental impacts."

In response, AgroShield has developed two all-natural products that, when used together, improve soil quality, increase resistance to disease, and enable greater nutrient uptake, allowing fertilizer usage to be reduced by up to 50 percent. AgroShield introduces Bacilifol and Larixifol.

Bacilifol and Larixifol are innovative, all-natural products that are able to provide many of the same benefits as foliar sprays and seed treatments. Specifically, these products:

  • unlock soil nutrients for improved uptake

  • reduce loss from evaporation

  • produce Auxin, a plant growth regulator which boosts growth and yield

  • increase the secretion of metabolites which degrade cell walls of fungus and bacteria

  • cure and prevent plant disease

  • trigger plant immune systems

  • provide general antifungal and antibacterial benefits

“We think of these two products like key elements of a soccer team: Larixifol is the goalie, and Bacilifol is the goal-scorer,” says Richard Selby, AgroShield’s Chairman. “Both products can be used as seed treatments and foliar sprays on all types of plants. Larixifol is more preventative while Bacilifol promotes faster leaf and root development.”

Source: AgroShield


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