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Bacillus Vallismortis expected to become China’s first microbial acaricideqrcode

May. 13, 2022

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May. 13, 2022

On May 5, 2022, Grand Holding announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Grand Holding Crop Protection (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, has executed a contract with Hubei Biopesticide Engineering Research Center for an exclusive transfer of the technical achievement pertaining to the Bacillus Vallismortis series, as developed and intellectual property rights held by Hubei Biopesticide Engineering Research Center. 

Agricultural injurious mite is a class of phytophagous arthropod, which is regarded as one of the tough biological groups in the world. Agricultural injurious mite has a fast propagation, strong adaptability, high mutation rate and easily becomes resistant to pesticides. The technical achievement pertaining to the Bacillus Vallismortis series, is a result of the 12-year hard try of Hubei Biopesticides Engineering Research Center, the products under the technical achievement have a high acaricidal activity against spider mites, being meanwhile green and environment-friendly, causing no resistance. The product can effectively solve the problems of unsatisfactory control of agricultural injurious mite and the occurrence of resistance, having been expected to become the first microbial acaricide in China.

According to the ARN2020 data, China is a major acaricide market, with an annual sale of RMB2.1 billion in 2020, accounting for about 14.2% of the insecticide market. At present, the acaricide products registered in China are mostly chemical acaricides, with fewer biological active ingredients. As mite may easily become resistant, the activity of acaricides declines rapidly. To meet the requirement of prevention and control, there has been an urgent need of new acaricides. The Bacillus Vallismortis series has an excellent effect of prevention and control, which is expected to effectively solve the problem of resistance of mites via the high miticidal activity. Meanwhile, it is a green product, being environment-friendly and causing no resistance. These distinctive features enable the product to grow into a blockbuster product with a powerful market influence.

The Bacillus Vallismortis series is the second biological research achievement introduced by Grand Holding, which is an innovative product very rare on the market. Grand Holding says that following the transfer of the research achievement of the Bacillus Vallismortis series, the company will initiate the process of registration and industrialized production. The company is prepared to shape the product to be the first microbial acaricide variety in China to fill up the gaps in the domestic market to contribute to China’s green farming and quality farming initiative; In the meantime, the product will be an enrichment of the biopesticide product portfolio of the company, which will enrich its green crop protection solutions, to the benefit of increase of business volume and profitability of the company.


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