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Pesticides applicators must be registered in Brazilqrcode

Apr. 20, 2022

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Apr. 20, 2022

Decree No.10,833/2021 has come into effect in Brazil to determine the creation of records of agrochemical applicators, and stipulates mandatory training for professionals in the field. By 2026, it is estimated that 2 million farmers will be trained and registered.

According to legislators, training is key to raising awareness of risks and ensuring the proper application of pesticides, to protect the environment, achieve food safety and maintain the best practices for human health.

In order to put the law into practice, the “National Program for the Qualification of Pesticides and Related Applicators” was launched by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), in partnership with Croplife Brasil, the National Union of Industry of Products for Vegetal Defense (Sidiveg) and the National Rural Learning Service (Senar).

“The problems we have identified in Brazil regarding pesticides are related to misuse. Training everyone who, in some way, is involved in the application of inputs is the best way to considerably reduce these problems,” said former Minister of Agriculture Tereza Cristina.

She added that training will combat misinformation about the use of these inputs in agricultural production, stating, “Widespread national mobilization is necessary to achieve our objective and show that, yes, pesticides are fundamental to guaranteeing food safety around the world. But it is the safety of applicators, the environment and final consumer that is fundamental.”

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Agricultural Defense Department, CropLife Brasil, Sindiveg and Senar, to draft a working plan for organizing training courses aimed at approving the registration of pesticide applicators and related topics.

“The program is the outcome of the efforts of the government and the private sector to carry out a large scale training program aimed at reaching all producers and rural workers who handle agricultural pesticides within five years. The creation of a register of applicators is an evolution of the legislation that will favor farmers, so we can improve the quality of life in the countryside,” said José Guilherme Leal, Secretary of Agricultural Defense.

Among the group's objectives is to train professionals in the field of agriculture to teach the correct and safe use of pesticide and related applicators, improve safety when transporting pesticides from resale to rural properties, increase safety when storing pesticides on rural properties, reduce the impact on the environment arising from the misuse of substances, enhance the efficiency of pesticide applications, reduce the risks of intoxication of applicators, and produce food in line with the maximum permitted residue limits.

Christian Lohbauer, president of CropLife Brazil, said one of the priorities is to train “small producers, the most vulnerable, who deal with vegetables,” so inputs are used more efficiently and safely.

Through the Competitive Brazil Movement (MBC), Croplife Brasil and Sindiveg developed a platform with a web interface that will register and qualify farmers and pesticide applicators, as well as institutions and professionals who will carry out related training.

A mobile application will also be made available for issuing a digital driver's license to investors who obtain a certificate of completion of training courses from entities accredited by Mapa in states and the Federal District. “Farmers approved during the course will receive a digital card for pesticide applicators,” Leal said in conclusion.

(Editing by Leonardo Gottems, reporter for AgroPages)

Source: AgroNews


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