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−− T34 Biocontrol, Biolchim's biological fungicide, has also obtained registration for use on leafy vegetables

Apr. 18, 2022

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Apr. 18, 2022

In horticulture, root and collar rot represent an obstacle that is difficult to overcome due to the optimal levels of quality and productivity. In the face of a drastic reduction in the number of fungicides that can be used, today there is an increase in the resistance of the pathogens towards the still authorized formulations, which lose their effectiveness. To combat the onset and spread of these diseases, it is essential to rely on new and more sustainable defense strategies. Here is one.


With T34 Biocontrol® and Nov@® producers receive stronger and healthier plants.
Photo source: Biolchim

The defense that comes from the ground

To evolve defense strategies it is necessary to better understand the mechanisms of one of the most important available resources: the soil. Some of the microorganisms that populate it, called soil microbiome, establish advantageous links with plants, constituting a real barrier to hostilities. Furthermore, the microbiome promotes root development and functionality, improves the availability of nutrients and hinders the development of pathogens. According to Biolchim, which launched this innovative concept in the sector, modern crop defense strategies should be based upon the action of prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are formulated that promote the growth and activity of beneficial microorganisms. Probiotics are products based on useful, live and active microorganisms. These new strategies can prevent and treat infections, offering 360-degree control of pathogens, while concretely respecting the soil and the ecosystem.


T34 Biocontrol, the new generation fungicide

The progenitor of Biolchim probiotics is T34 Biocontrol®,  an innovative fungicide, also allowed in organic farming. It can be defined itas a "live formulation", as it contains conidia of the Trichoderma asperellum fungus , strain T34. This useful microorganism, antagonist of fungal pathogens and ally of the plant, has preventive and curative power against mycoses, supports root growth and promotes the emission of new capillaries, making the plant stronger and more resilient. Being highly concentrated, T34 Biocontrol® performs at a lower dosage than many other products in this category. By colonizing the growing medium, T34 Biocontrol® guarantees a very high persistence of action, without leaving any residue on the crop and without being subject to compliance with any shortage period. T34 Biocontrol® thus allows farmers to limit and rationalize interventions with phytosanitary products of synthetic origin and reduce the risks associated with resistance phenomena in pathogens.

The label shows the records of use against Pythium aphanidermatum on solanaceae (tomato, pepper, eggplant) and cucurbitaceae (cucumber, courgette, pumpkin, melon, watermelon) and against Fusarium oxysporum on carnation. Today, thanks to the extension of its use, T34 Biocontrol® is also registered against Sclerotinia spp on leafy vegetables.


Vegetables: methods to defend them from fungi

Biolchim has developed a defense strategy based on the combined action of T34 Biocontrol® (probiotic) and Nov@® (biostimulant and prebiotic). Applied to the soil close to sowing or transplanting, T34 takes advantage of the nutritional support of Nov@® and settles in the portion of the soil next to the roots. Here, Trichoderma asperellum counteracts pathogenic fungi, such as Sclerotinia, Fusarium and Pythium, through a dual mechanism of action which is:

  • preventive: it removes the nutrients and substrates needed by the pathogens for growth (competition) , while at the same time fortifying the plant's natural defenses.

  • curative: synthesizes enzymes that degrade the cell wall of harmful fungi, penetrates them and absorbs nutrients (parasitism); it also produces toxic molecules that block the pathogen's metabolism and causes death (antibiosis).

Thanks to their biostimulating properties, T34 Biocontrol® and Nov@® also increase the volume of the root system and promote the absorption of water and nutritional resources. This results in stronger and healthier plants.



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Source: Biolchim


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