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MolGen is Powering the Future of Agriculture Workflowsqrcode

May. 12, 2022

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May. 12, 2022

Molgen_Agro.jpgEvery day, our world changes and the population’s demand for healthy yields increases. MolGen is perfectly positioned in the market to help advance the agricultural industry with its commercialized high-tech automated systems, reagents and consumables directed at agriculture professional laboratories and partners of all sizes. 

With an eye on sustainable food supplies around the globe, MolGen develops customisable diagnostic solutions that enable regional and multinational professional laboratories to extract DNA/ RNA in automated high throughput for further analysis, diagnostics, PCR and NGS for a wide range of flowers, vegetables and crops. By making it possible for the industry to engineer climate-resistant, sustainable seeds, the company serves as an integral part in protecting crops from disease and powering professional laboratories and finally the industry to overcome the great challenges arising from the growing need for better food. Therefore, never has it been more important to be able to automatize crop and seed analysis, and MolGen’s systems, consumables, kits and complete workflows meet the certification and safety standards needed to achieve high throughput, greater efficiency, automation and scaling-up in agriculture research. 

Molgen_Robot_Arms.jpgIn just a few short years, MolGen has grown to be the leader for providing the high-quality chemistry processes that help plant breeders and agriculture laboratories maximise and professionalise their production. MolGen’s industry specific innovations and high-quality products deliver the safest, most cost-efficient, and expedited results, allowing MolGen’s agricultural clients to continue to confidently invest in their future and produce high-quality, healthy and sustainable yields.

MolGen offers two different complete agricultural workflows to help its plant breeders and agriculture laboratory clients work more efficiently and productively. MolGen has developed high-tech automated systems, consumables and kits that achieve the results its clients expect. MolGen’s dry workflow includes four steps that begin with using a LabTie sample dispenser that makes for easy sample dispensing. From there, a bead dispenser is ultilised, and then the LabTie Bead Beater performs thorough sample homogenizing. MolGen’s wet workflow for agriculture adds an additional step. This efficient and effective process starts with a Pureprep tube transfer system which facilitates automated sample transfer from tube to plate. Then the Pureprep dispensing system, together with the PurePrep extraction kits create the rapid extraction set up. Following that, the MolGen extraction system steps up to deliver fast, safe and simple extraction. Once that is completed, Pureprep liquid handling and precision PCR set up begins. Finally, the LabTie Plate Sealer is again in place to deliver uniform and consistent plate sealing. 


These solutions include the some of MolGen’s most advanced innovations. Within these workflows, lab technicians improve results using advanced LabTie line with dispensers, beaters, grinding media, C. elegans growing nutrients, enzymes and the PurePrep line. Part of that includes the use of PurePrep 96 which is an automated top-notch op DNA/RNA purification system employing magnetic separation technology that can be used for different sample types such as plant leaf or seed samples. PurePrep 96 can process up to 96 samples with a wide input range of 50-1000ul and deliver results within 15 to 40 minutes, depending on sample type and method. Additionally, these two agricultural workflows work seamlessly with MolGen’s PurePrep Dispenser, PurePrep TTR, PurePrep FR systems. They also work in conjunction with a wide range of consumables and seed kits, such as the company’s PurePrep Seed Kit which works with PurePrep 96 and is intended for manual and automated DNA and RNA extraction and optimised for plant samples like wheat, sunflower, tomato, pepper, cucumber, lettuce, and more. The extraction chemistry is specifically developed for use with plant samples rich in fats and oils, especially seeds. The kit has a high DNA yield and purity suitable for many genomic applications such as SNP genotyping and DNA sequencing.


MolGen accelerates laboratories’ success. MolGen is a global total solution provider of innovative extraction DNA / RNA technology, systems, consumables and kits for human and animal diagnostics, the agriculture and biotech industries. MolGen’s systems, reagents and consumables enable laboratories to accelerate productivity, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and throughput. MolGen’s solutions reduce hands-on time while also delivering high yields and reproducibility. From sample to result, MolGen is challenging the status quo in molecular diagnostics by offering platform stand-alone systems and consumables. Founded on integrity and accountability, MolGen offers every customer high-quality, adaptable, and safe workflows, which can be customised to meet their specific throughput needs. Learn more about MolGen at www.molgen.com.

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