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Nanoparticle size for better efficacy: Pilarquim's Nano PILARTEP launched in Chinese marketqrcode

Feb. 21, 2022

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Feb. 21, 2022

On February 14th, a global product launch ceremony was held in Jiangsu, China, for the first release of Pilarquim’s upgraded nano PILARTEP. This strategic product adopts three core technologies and has comprehensively upgraded the external packaging, internal quality and disease prevention efficiency.


Three core technologies:

1.Finer particle size. The particle size of nano PILARTEP is only 600-700 nanometers, which is more evenly distributed on the leaves and better absorbed. Nano PILARTEP has lower application dosage, higher product utilization rate, better control efficacy, and less spraying times.

2.The use of more advanced moisturizing adjuvant, with good water retention, slows down the volatilization and promotes absorption.

3.Added with “nanoparticle” suspension concentrate adjuvant makes it can rapidly form film and have good rainfastness; no re-spraying is needed after rain due to its long-lasting and stable effect.



Demonstration test:

At the launch ceremony, the R&D staffs gave a presentation of the wetting and absorption test as well as the 2800 mesh filtration experimentation of PILARTEP, versus ordinary product with suspension concentrate formulation.

Experimentation reveals the following:

1.As Nano PILARTEP has a finer particle size, more advanced formula and process, its wetting effect is better, where liquid can quickly spread over in an even manner, being naturally dried almost without powder precipitation, having formed a tight protective film on the leaf surface. The ordinary product with suspension concentrate formulation precipitates a large number of drug spots, and the utilization rate of active ingredients is low. 

2.Nano PILARTEP’s fine particle size allows for fast sieving. After the same 400 ml liquid of PILARTEP is sieved, the contrast product has still got 300 ml to be sieved. In a practical application, Nano PILARTEP can quickly penetrate into foliar surface to directly reach the target and have better rainfastness, improving the utilization rate and the efficacy.

Since its market release seven years ago, PILARTEP has become very popular among dealers and farmers. 2022 is the pivotal year that Pilarbio Group fully launched the "Double 12 Strategy". By the end of 2023, Pilarquim will achieve the "Double 12" goal of 12 years after the establishment, the group's annual sales will achieve 1.2 billion RMB. The launch of the nano upgrade will bring to PILARTEP a new vigor in the times of fierce competition! 


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