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Decco Ibérica developes a fungicide for citrus with both curative and preventive effectqrcode

Feb. 16, 2022

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Feb. 16, 2022

Decco Iberica
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In the agricultural sector, it has always been said that no two seasons are the same, and the 2021-22 citrus season was not going to be an exception. In this second part of the campaign, we are facing global challenges with complex solutions, the rising price of raw materials, the cost of transportation, logistical issues, etc.

In order to face this second part of the season, characterized by exports to distant countries and storage periods, Decco Ibérica has developed Deccopyr 400 SC; a fungicide classified by the EPA as low risk with a very high effectiveness against the main fungi that affect citrus fruits in the post-harvest.


MRL table for Deccopyr

Deccopyr is a versatile product, since it can be applied by different methods: drencher, in line, by waterfall. Decco also offers the Deccopyr Pot formulation in a fumigant can. Each application method offers a different level of efficacy, always determined by the quality of the application and the phenological state of the fruit, among other factors.

Its efficacy lies in its triple method of action:

  • It prevents the fungus from degrading the fruit wall by inhibiting its hydrolysis, thus hindering colonization and subsequent infection of the fruit.

  • In turn, it inhibits methionine biosynthesis with the action of anilino-pyramidine ß-lyase.

  • Physiologically, it reduces spore germination, inhibiting germ tube extension, and prevents lesion expansion by blocking the lytic function of the hyphae.

By combining the three methods of action, Deccopyr has both a curative and a preventive effect.

Another of the benefits of this solution, and a reason why its use has intensified in the second part of the campaign, is the product's persistence, which confers a very effective protection to the citrus that is exported or stored for prolonged periods of time.

Deccopyr has also been shown to be the most effective tool against strains resistant to the imazalil molecule.

As mentioned above, both Deccopyr and Decco IMZ S-7.5 are complementary products that offer good synergies when combined. Decco IMZ S-7.5 has great control over the sporulation of Penicillium spp. fungi and Deccopyr offers control against strains resistant to the imazalil molecule, and its persistence makes it possible to protect citrus fruits during the entire marketing period.



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