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Zhejiang Sega launches SEGA-TBA product series made via patented fungal and bacterial co-fermentation process, the first of its kind in Chinaqrcode

Feb. 15, 2022

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Feb. 15, 2022

AgroPages: Microbial biodiversity offers metabolites a diverse structure and function, and microbial activity and functional metabolites are important sources of innovation of modern pesticides. 

There has been a large variety of microbial metabolites, including 37 known categories, which, in the static period of cell growth, can synthesize products with specific functions such as antibiotics, alkaloids, bacterial toxins and plant growth factors. Data shows that the global market value of microbial metabolic products has exceeded US$500 million, which is growing at a compound annual growth rate of above 30%, having become the only high-growth product category in the agricultural material market in recent years.

Sega’s SEGA-TBA is China’s first product made via the patented fungal and bacterial co-fermentation process. This microbial metabolite production process encompasses several complex techniques, which is technically sophisticated. Zhejiang Sega has been committed to researching microbial metabolites for many years, having created its patented SGMe process and produced the SEGA-TBA product series, which contain rich antimicrobial peptides, various active small molecular peptides, various amino acids and organic acidcomposite substances through the process of directional fermentation. In addition, the product can significantly increase the crop’s disease resistance and stress resistance, promote plant’s growth and health, early blooming and fruiting, high yield and good quality for better marketability, which results in higher earnings of farmers. 

SEGA-TBA has the following features and functions:

1.Excellent inhibitory effect:Rich antimicrobial peptide, trans-cinnamic acid, trans- coumaric acid and malic acid; induction of plant’s systemic immune substances; strong microbial inhibitory effect; fast resisting to pathogens and increase of plant’s disease resistance. 


SEGA-TBA’s chilli blight control effect SEGA-TBA’s yam blight control effect 

A chilli blight outbreak in Baoding  SEGA-TBAcontrols blight; new seedling emerges.

2.Increase of plant stress resistance: SEGA-TBA contains rich multi-amino acids, micro molecule active peptide (5-60 amino acids), which enhance the plant’s resistance to abiotic stress and increase the stress resistance (low temperature, high temperature and drought) to better adapt to the harsh climate.


SEGA-TBA(left) Control(right)

3.Earlier fruiting and marketability: Cucumber becomes marketable five days earlier. Due to its rich organic acids, the use of the product two or three times after transplanting promotes robust growth leading to an earlier reproductive growth which allows for earlier marketability.


The use of SEGA-TBA(left) promotes earlier fruiting allowing for earlier marketability.

4.Technique of yield increase

Abacui: SEGA-TBA + Sega Bright (24-Epibrassinolide 0.002% + Gibberellic acid (GA4+GA7) 0.398%)is a perfect combination that increases the yield and improves quality, being effective on field crops.




Random sampling and yield measurement of rice reveal yield increase of above 15%, with good rice quality and less “belly white”, better gloss white color without yellowing. In addition, Sega’s SEGA-TBA can promote plants’ root growth, increase the efficiency of fertilizers; make plants deep-rooted and leafy. Its use with fungicides will multiply the bactericidal efficacy, especially the property of resistant to pathogens. 

5.Suggested usage 


For any technical and business support, please contact Sega’s customer service center: 

Peter Xu

Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology Co., Ltd

Tel: 86-571-87245132/ 86-13819136280(Wechat/Whatsapp)

Email: peter@segaagro.com

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