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Corteva announces Haviza™ active as global trademark for newest active ingredient in its pipelineqrcode

−− Novel fungicide expands picolinamide class of actives discovered by corteva agriscience; will provide south american farmers alternative for controlling asian soybean rust

Feb. 11, 2022

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Feb. 11, 2022

Corteva Agriscience announces Haviza™ active as the brand name for the newest fungicide to come from its robust innovation pipeline. The active ingredient will offer South American farmers another tool for controlling Asian soybean rust and other fungal diseases. Corteva anticipates launching Haviza in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia beginning in 2027, pending applicable regulatory reviews.

QQ截图20220211085148.jpgHaviza is the third generation of the novel picolinamide fungicide discovered by Corteva, following Inatreq™ active, a naturally derived fungicide for controlling Septoria in cereals and bananas, and Adavelt™ active, a fungicide anticipated to launch next year, pending applicable regulatory approvals. Picolinamide fungicides are noted for their favorable regulatory, toxicological and environmental profiles.

“Haviza active demonstrates Corteva Agriscience’s commitment to bringing farmers innovative, sustainable, geographically diverse products from our robust pipeline,” said Susanne Wasson, President – Crop Protection Business Platform, Corteva Agriscience. “We are leveraging our discovery of picolinamides and their novel target-site-of-action to bring farmers another tool for managing potentially devastating soybean fungal diseases.”  

Yield losses from Asian soybean rust can range from 10 to 80 percent in areas where the disease becomes established. Widespread disease could impact farmers throughout South America, as Brazil leads global soybean production, and Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia rank in the top 10 for global production.

“Haviza active has demonstrated outstanding control against Asian soybean rust, making it a great addition to farmers’ existing disease management efforts,” said Alejandro Muñoz, President of Corteva Agriscience for Latin America. “Additionally, the Haviza brand will enable farmers to be confident that any products labeled with the mark possess the benefits of Corteva Agriscience’s exceptional research, development and testing.”

Haviza will be offered in mixtures primarily with fungicides containing Onmira™ active, providing market-leading control of Asian soybean rust and expanding control to key late-season diseases.


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