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ADAMA’s SDHI fungicide Panlimei® launched in Chinaqrcode

Jan. 14, 2022

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Jan. 14, 2022

In January 2022, a product launching ceremony was held by ADAMA for its new fungicide, Panlimei® in China, which is a mixture of isopyrazam and difenoconazole and registered for the prevention and control of cucumber powdery mildew, apple ring spot, banana leaf spot and Chinese rose powdery mildew. The product has a broad fungicidal spectrum and is very safe to use on crops, and its early-stage use against powdery mildew is also very effective. It is one of the products developed by Syngenta Group China via collaboration. 


Isopyrazam, developed by Syngenta, was first granted registration in the UK and released in the market in 2010. It was then promoted in the EU market for cereal disease control, being later extended for application on 20 crops in 33 countries and regions around the world. Isopyrazam’s relatively unique bicyclic structure offers a relatively broad fungicidal spectrum and high lipophilicity, creating a better bond with the wax coating of crops and fungal action sites, to achieve excellent rain fastness, UV resistance and preventive action. 

The product has three major features:

1. Resistance management: With 18 patents being granted covering ingredients, manufacturing process and formulation technique, the product acts on strains that are resistant to the ingredients of other action modes, achieving more stable prevention and control.

2. Broad fungicidal spectrum and an effective white powder: It has a broad fungicidal spectrum and long-lasting effect, offering a new experience and solving the problem of unsatisfactory prevention and control of powdery mildew by conventional products. It is a new experience in disease prevention and control. 

3. Safe and reliable: It has a safe formulation, which is a great relief for growers.


According to the fungicidal property of isopyrazam and difenoconazole, the product is preventive in the early stages and is also curative. If the mixture is used at the early stage, an ideal protective effect can be achieved from the very start, offering complete protection and crop health. 


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