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Starting a new journey for legendary fungicide brand, Syngenta Group China’s Dasheng Brand Launch Ceremony held successfullyqrcode

Jan. 11, 2022

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Jan. 11, 2022

On the afternoon of 5th January, 2022, the Dasheng brand launching ceremony of Syngenta Group China was successfully held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China. The guests who attended the ceremony included Ding Song, Vice President of Syngenta Group China and Head of the Crop Protection Business Unit; Liu De, Director of Crop Protection Product Line and Planning at Syngenta; Zou Feng, Deputy Director of the Marketing Center of Limin Group, and Han Xiang, Deputy General Manager of Sinochem Crop Protection Products. Some 40 strategic Dasheng brand development partners from eight provinces, including Guangxi, Sichuan, Fujian and Jiangxi, also participated in the ceremony to witness the launch of the Dasheng brand.



1. What is Dasheng?


The full name of Dasheng is “Dasheng M-45,” which is a protective fungicide with the active ingredient, mancozeb 80% WP. Dasheng’s 20-year quality legacy makes it an unforgettable brand in the minds of the generation’s farmers.


Dasheng is a fungicide used for the prevention and control of citrus scabs, anthrax and citrus peel disease, as well as for controlling tomato early blight, potato late blight, cucumber downy mildew, apple ring rot, anthrax, leaf spot and grape white rot and anthrax.


As an EBDC fungicide, Dasheng has nearly a 100-year history, and it has been over half of century since the emergence of the complex form of mancozeb. Its action mode provides multi-site fungicidal action, which is less likely to cause resistance.


2. Who regards Dasheng as a good product? 


Who is saying that Dasheng is good? The following are several real cases of application showing the product’s value from different perspectives.


1)  Liu Chuanquan, a large navel orange grower in Gannan County, Xinfeng County, Jiangxi Province


Liu Chuanquan is a well-known navel orange grower in Xinfeng County, Jiangxi Province. He has been growing navel orange for more than 20 years and has used Dasheng for nearly 20 years, with more than 40 mu (1 mu = 1/15 hectare) of navel orange orchards under his management. In 2017, in Liu Chuanquan’s orchard, there was a navel orange tree producing 360 kilograms (kg) of oranges. The tree was honored as the “Navel Orange King” by the county government.


Liu Chuanquan often says that the taste of navel orange is good, but growing it is difficult. Disease control, fertilization and pesticide application would all require advanced technologies.


Taking the selection of pesticides as an example, in his 20-year navel orange growing career, Liu Chuanquan has used Dasheng for 18 to 19 years. Dasheng has also become one of his longest-used brands for growing of navel oranges. Dasheng effectively controls navel orange peel disease and anthrax, greatly improving the quality of fruits and their commodity value, as well as the earnings of Liu Chuanquan.


Liu Chuanquan said he has produced 175,000 kg of oranges this year from 42 mu of orchards. He already sold out 125,000 kg via online marketing at one yuan higher per kg than other growers. When all oranges are sold, his net earnings will reach some Yuan1 million.


2)  Zhan Hongmu, General Manager of Taizhou Agricultural Materials in Zhejiang Province



Zhan Hongmu said he has used Dasheng for nearly 20 years, almost as long as his career in agriculture sector. He has experienced Dasheng’s whole process of development, beginning from demonstration and promotions, to its rapid growth, and then to the maturation of the Dasheng market.


According to Zhan Hongmu, Dasheng’s single product sale and single crop application in the regional market of Taizhou of Zhejiang Province have so far surpassed all other single product sales and single crop applications. Among the same product varieties, the proportion of application of Dasheng has reached 60% or more.


The market promotion of Dasheng in the Taizhou market has focused on citrus from the very beginning, for the following reasons. Firstly, citrus is the largest cash crop in Taizhou and its surrounding areas, requiring the largest amount of fungicide application. Secondly, Dasheng’s product properties, which make it suitable for application on citrus and give it a promising future, include rain fastness, uniform dispersion, disease prevention, zinc supplementation and rust mite inhibition. These features meet the requirements for pest control in citrus. At the same time, as a protective fungicide, Dasheng is in line with the crop protection concept of comprehensive prevention and control.


3)  Jiangxi Ganzhou Kechuang Agricultural Materials/Xunwu Weiqiang Fruit Industry - Chairman Fan Zhongmin



Fan Zhongmin is 50 years old this year, being active in the agricultural material market for 28 years. Among the many types of agricultural inputs, Fan Zhongmin has used Dasheng for 20 years, having personally witnessed Dasheng’s brand growth on the agricultural materials market. Through long years of development, the product has become a basic necessity for orchards and vegetable fields, and is regraded highly by growers. Therefore, Fan Zhongmin personally believes that harvesting cannot be done without Dasheng.


4)  Senior Agronomist Cheng Meng, Vice President of the Sichuan Agricultural Technology Association, Chairman of Lemon Committee


Cheng Meng, a 58-year-old agrotechnical expert in Anyue County, Sichuan Province, the Hometown of Lemon, has been engaged in agrotechnical services for more than 30 years. In the local county, he is a highly-regarded citrus expert, as well as an agricultural material business practitioner.


According to Cheng Meng, since starting in the agricultural materials business up to the present, he has benefited considerably from Dasheng. His annual sales of Dasheng has grown from tens of kilograms when he first started to currently selling 84 tons per year. Dasheng has become a well-recognized brand with high degree of customer loyalty in the local agrochemical market. Each year, Dasheng is applied two to three times, respectively, during the several key stages of growth of lemons. These applications can effectively solve lemon peel problems, to improve the quality of fruits and greatly increase the earnings of growers.


3.  Why is Dasheng better?


How can Dasheng be better? Mu Hongyan, Fungicide Product Manager of Crop Protection Business Unit of Syngenta, said Dasheng is a legendary brand standing tall in the Chinese market for more than 20 years, which never fails, even during times of hardships and difficulties. With a long history, its long-term product performance adds vigor and new value, and it has never become outdated. 



Mu Hongyan, Fungicide Product Manager of Crop Protection Business Unit of Syngenta

Mu Hongyan shared the following important information. Firstly, Dasheng’s innovative proprietary formulation forms a dense and compact membrane, which is more resistant to rain. Secondly, Dasheng’s proprietary adjuvant is activated once in contact with water, which expands membranes 13 times to enable more complete coverage. Thirdly, the new Dasheng brand is in line with brand-new Chinese mancozeb industry standards, which has become the latest FAO standard in effect from March 2021. This endorsement highlights China’s leading role in the global mancozeb industry, which paves the way for Dasheng’s innovative development, making it better.


How can Dasheng be better? Yang Nan, Channel Manager of the Crop Protection Business Unit of Syngenta, explained how to Dasheng can be made better from a channel management perspective. Yang Nan addressed three aspects, which are hardware, software and business policy. Under a new management mode, the focus of work is to provide partners with a satisfactory channel management and business environment. To make Dasheng better, it is important to make a fundamental change to management and service.


Yang Nan, Channel Manager of the Crop Protection Business Unit of Syngenta

According to Mu Hongyan, an integration of the company’s brand with Dasheng will provide help better citrus solutions. The company possesses mature and classic pesticide brands, such as the acaricide, Baozhuo (cyetpyrafen), and the fungicide, Aike. Currently, Dasheng is integrated with the outstanding acaricide, Baozhuo, and combined with Aike, which are both curative and protective, creating another legend.


At the end of the launching ceremony, Ding Song said “Syngenta Group China’s mission is to bring the benefits of modern agriculture to more farmers and consumers. In this process, we are gathering the world’s leading technology to serve China’s agricultural modernization. Today, the operation of the Dasheng brand is a requirement of our corporate mission. Meanwhile, Syngenta Group China is proud to have a professional operations team. We are happy and we are capable of continuing the spirit of Dasheng.”


“Syngenta Group China is prepared to fully utilize its advantages in brand management, market channel expansion and services provision, as well as its advanced concepts and systems. We will also utilize the formulation technologies, production techniques and brand management of our premium brands, including Dasheng, to start a new journey for the legendary brand towards the green and efficient development of Chinese agriculture.”




Source: AgrowNews


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