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AgroShield releases test results "The treated hemp had a much lower count of Thrips, Aphids, and Spider Mites"qrcode

Jan. 10, 2022

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Jan. 10, 2022

AgroShield LLC
United States  United States

Crop Protection manufacturer AgroShield, based in Wyoming USA, released industrial hemp test results on Larixifol, an all-purpose seed treatment and foliar spray that has been used on 80,000 acres of corn and soybean rotations in the upper Midwest during the last four years.

Larixifol is a natural product derived from the sap of larch trees in Siberia. High in taxifolin, this natural antioxidant is a seed treatment as well as a foliar spray. AgroShield’s proprietary manufacturing process produces a highly-purified microemulsion that is widely compatible.  The product is registered in many US States.

In recent trials with industrial hemp grown outdoors and in greenhouses near Romulus NY USA, Larixifol was used both as a seed treatment and as a late foliar spray. The industrial hemp was completely void of botrytis, which was rampant in the adjacent control plants. In greenhouse tests, the Larixifol-treated seeds and foliar spray received a much lower count of Thrips, Aphids, and Spider Mites compared to the control group. 

In addition to plant protection with Larixifol, researchers also documented stronger initial growth, increased biomass, and better oil production in the crowns of the plants. The Larixifol plants were overall healthier and able to withstand most growth pressures.

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