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S.Ando & Cía: An Argentine Domestic Company with Japanese Discipline and Seriousnessqrcode

Dec. 23, 2021

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Dec. 23, 2021

In 1918, Sadao Ando founded a company whose activity was the import of products from Japan. It was in 1949, when the company S.Ando & Cía ventured into what is today the main line of business: the commercialization of phytosanitary products.

Founded by Ando with the support of a young agronomist, Keikichi Utsumi, they decided to redirect the company towards the main activity of the country. It was around 1974 when the company took the great leap and became the main distributor of agrochemicals and fertilizers of Japanese origin in Argentina.


Together with engineer, Roberto Kihara, they were able to position the commercialization of agrochemicals at the top of Argentina, being the representatives for the herbicide Hache Uno from Ishihara company. Currently, the company is chaired by Patricia Utsumi (the writer), the daughter of that young agronomist who, after Ando´s death, was the one who headed the company. After several decades, the company still has a close relationship with Japanese companies such as Sumitomo Chemicals, Nihon Nohyaku Co Ltd, Mitsui & Co, Nippon Soda Co Ltd, OAT Agrio, Agro-kanesho Co Ltd, Hokko Chemical Industry, and Nissan Chemicals among others. " All our products are recognized for their quality and effectiveness and for being environmentally friendly. In the regions, where we sell our products, it is normally believed (by clients, advisors, growers, etc) that we are a Japanese company."

With the following paradigm, “…we must have the ability to anticipate events…", the company is always focused on finding new niches and molecules. We are characterized by identifying problems (current and future), which leads to the research for possible solutions, in many cases, developing new uses of the molecules or, sometimes incorporating a solution that our wide range of prestigious suppliers offer us. We have our own laboratory and our formulation plant, which gives us the possibility of improving our products or adapting to the needs of the growers.
Our strong markets are fruit-culture and horticulture, where we have a huge portfolio. We are pioneers in the use and development of PGR in Argentina. Together with our English partner Fine Agrochemicals Ltd, we position products such as Giberelina Ka, Exilis Plus and Perlan, widely used in fruit production in our country. One issue that worries us is the limited use of copper in Europe; we know that this type of regulation is coming into force, so our company is developing an alternative for this together with Gowan (Ex Isagro). It is a mixture of copper oxychloride and copper hydroxide, which due to its Liquid formulation and its particle size (less than 1.8 μm) allows us to get the same results with less metallic copper.


At the same time, we are developing our own adjuvant, which reduces up to 50% of the copper dose. We have already carried out the first technical developments with the EEAOC (Obispo Colombres Agroindustrial Experimental Station) with promising results. Together with this prestigious Experimental Station, we have developed the use of our product Applaud, for the Australian red mealybug control. Let us keep in mind that Applaud is an IGR that is harmless for beneficial fauna; also the demand for Applaud is increasing in apple and lemon production. In the same line of speciality products, we are developing an adjuvant that allows us to extend the lifespan of molecules, mainly those biological ones sensitive to UV radiation.

Another important pillar of the company is nutrition: We have a portfolio of more than 25 fertilizers and foliar correctors. In recent years we have been developing biostimulants based on algae extract and a root biostimulant, both from the multinational De Sangosse. It is a sector that has been growing steadily, and with the incorporation of new technologies, growers are gradually beginning to appreciate the benefits and moving towards their adoption. One last point, and not a minor one, is the development of biological products.

In S.Ando, we understand that the demand for these types of solutions will increase. We currently have four biological products, widely used in the Río Negro and Neuquén region, where 80% of pears and apples are grown. We are investing a lot in resources for the research and development of sustainable solutions and we intend for these to become the core business of the company in the next 10 years. With Japanese discipline and the values inherited from our ancestors, we keep our commitment to Argentine growers by offering sustainable solutions thinking about the wellbeing of future generations and the profitability of the activity. S.Ando is a “small-large” company, which distribute specialities throughout the country and is recognized for its reputation and seriousness in the business.

This article was initially published in AgroPages' '2021 Market Insight' magazine.


Source: AgroNews


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