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Dec. 22, 2021

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Dec. 22, 2021

Soil salinization is one of the major abiotic stresses commonly faced in intensively cultivated soils. According to statistics released by Korea Rural Development Administration in 2019, more than 55% of green-houses in Korea are suffering from soil salinization damages and it is increasing year by year. Soil salinization is not easily recognized, whereas high soil salinity usually causes sustainable and powerful damages to crops. If your plant is not as healthy as they would normally be without specific reasons, a high salinity content in soil should be suspected. Plants in high salinity content grow slowly, become stunted, wilt and finally die no matter how much you provide pesticides or fertilizers.

Soil salinization is induced by the gradual accumulation of salts originated from excessive fertilizers or pesticides as well as environmental conditions such as soil characteristics combined with wrong irrigation method. Improving drainage, leaching and chemical amendment treatment are usually recommended to fix soil salinization. However, those methods doesn’t often work well in the real field.

If you are now finding a practical solution to overcome this troublesome and realistic problem in soil, just focus on the new biorational product of Global Agro for a while.

Mesona, the microbial-extract based biological product provides more user-friendly and practical solution against soil salinization issue. By drenching application conveniently using installed irrigation system, product is quickly transferred into the rhizosphere of plant and helps crops to absorb water and nutrition stably even under the high saline soil condition.

There are several factors to measure the salinity stress tolerance of plant. Ca2+ ion content, proline content, ABA accumulation and antioxidant enzyme activity are the representative index.

According to the test result by Korea National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Mesona increased proline and Ca2+ ion within crops under the high salinity soil condition. Proline is the major osmosis regulating amino acid and known as accumulated under unfavorable environmental stress including salinized soil. Ca2+ is related to cell membrane protection and inducing water absorption of plant.

From lots of field trials in Korea and Taiwan, Mesona’s efficacy to overcome soil salinity problem was proved successfully. In salinized soils with more than EC value of 3 ms/cm, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, gherkins, Chinese broccolis and bitter gourds applied by Mesona showed better growth and yield increase up to 200% at the best case than control crops.


In an experiment with tomato in Korea, Mesona-treated tomatoes produced more anti-oxidant contents within fruits such as lycopene, polyphenol and beta carotene. In addition, Mesona-treated crops were stronger than normal crops in high temperature condition according to test result in Taiwan with cucumber. High temperature made plant leaves wilt whereas Mesona-treated crops’ leaves were vigorous without wilting symptoms. It means that Mesona can be applied to temperature stress as well as soil salinization stress. 

Intensive and successive agriculture requires continuous use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to sustain crop yield. However, it costs inevitable soil salinization by excessive use of chemical products.

Harmonized use of chemical and biological solutions is essential to increase crop yields and sustain healthy soils. If you need to achieve two goals at the same time, Mesona will provide effective and practical solution against soil salinization problems. 


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