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Limin Chemical’s fosetyl-al (TC and WP) certified to FAO equivalent standardqrcode

Dec. 21, 2021

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Dec. 21, 2021

Recently, the fosetyl-al (TC and WP) standard submitted by Limin Chemical has passed the two reviews conducted at FAO/WHO JMPS, having been certified to FAO equivalent standard, which is of a positive significance to Limin Chemical’s further market expansion and establishment of an international brand image. 

With the continuous advancement in the global trade liberalization, industry standard has become a deeper, higher and more influential form of market competition following product and brand competition, being also an important means of trade protection. Therefore, the priority in formulation of international pesticide standard will be of help to winning of the market competition. Limin Chemical’s fosetyl-al products have not only dominated Chinese domestic market in respect of product and technology, but have also gained a place in the international market. In the critical period of the growth of Limin Chemical, the certification of its fosetyl-al products to FAO equivalent standard is particularly important, which ensures the sustainable and stable development of the company.  


The certification to FAO equivalent standard will be conducive to a breakthrough into the overseas registration bottleneck. As a globally recognized common standard for identification of different pesticide qualities, many countries have included FAO/WHO pesticide standard as a requirement of pesticide registration. 

In the sales contract, FAO/WHO pesticide standard is usually included as a contract clause to be observed, which enables manufacturers to compete to bid for procurements from UN organizations, governments and public service agencies. This allows for a direct access of these products into the international market, which can save marketing time, manpower, resource and spending. At the same time, in favor of enterprises that have formulated international standard, whose products are recognized by FAO/WHO, company and product names will be publicized on FAO or WHO website. This is a benefit to establishment or enhancement of an international product brand image. 


In addition, the certification to international pesticide standard is not only a recognition of the product of the applicant, but is also a full recognition of the production process and product traceability of the company, which are all included in the evaluation of the standard. Through the evaluation carried out by international organizations, enterprises are obliged to make improvement to product quality, production method, operation mechanism, internal management and production management towards sustainable and stable growth. Meanwhile, the certification to the FAO equivalent standard is of help to Limin Chemical’s appeal to government policy and financing support. It is also of help to seeking more opportunities of foreign capital and business cooperation, which will drive the company’s further development and growth on a long-term basis.


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