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ADAMA opens the world’s first OD-formulated herbicide factoryqrcode

Dec. 3, 2021

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Dec. 3, 2021

ADAMA opens the world’s first OD-formulated herbicide factory

ADAMA, a company that is part of one of the largest holding companies in global agribusiness, opens a new manufacturing unit in Londrina (PR). The factory, exclusively dedicated to the production of herbicides with TOV Technology and formulation OD, begins operating with the production of the first TOV herbicide, Cheval®.

“This is the first factory in the world for OD herbicides and its great differential is the TOV technology, the same one that has been successful in ADAMA’s fungicide products, such as Cronnos®. It was designed to have the best operating and automation technologies in order to guarantee safety, quality, reliability and less impact on the environment”, explains Ana Colla, Director of Operations.

With the new herbicide factory with OD formulation, ADAMA now has a new line of products for the main agricultural crops. “This innovative formulation, combined with the exclusive combination of active ingredients, has demonstrated high efficiency in the management of weeds in the main producing regions, raising the level of control for the producer. This new product line is essential for the renewal of the herbicide portfolio ADAMA with innovation and greater profitability”, adds Ana Colla .

Investment and productive capacity

The new manufacturing unit received investments of US$ 2 million for the construction and installation of high-tech equipment. With a production capacity of 8 million liters/year, it will also be used for the production of another three releases of TOV herbicides in the next five years. “The factory is entirely automated, will be operated by tablets and monitored 24 hours a day in a central monitoring room”, reveals the director.

From the project to the construction of the factory, a sustainable process was thought out and planned with 25% less energy consumption, 50% less water and waste generation compared to the efficiency of other installed factories. The factory will also have gas and particulate filtration systems, guaranteeing and following all the standards established by environmental agencies, avoiding atmospheric pollution.

In addition to the domestic market, the new factory will supply products to other countries, such as the United States, China, South Africa, Namibia and Latin American countries. “We have been working on the development of this technology for herbicides for over five years, but it comes at an important moment, contributing to the product offer in view of a global scenario of lack of inputs and another place of resistance to weeds”, comments Ana Colla.

Cheval®, modern TOV formulation

Cheval® has a modern TOV formulation – patented by ADAMA -, which makes it easy to apply, simplifying the life of the farmer. The premium product is recommended for handling horseweed, bitter and crow’s feet – present in more than 25 million hectares of soybean – with the practicality of post-emergence control of weeds with a pre-emergence effect, promoting effective control of invasive plants for soybean, cotton and corn crops.

The product’s proposal is to simplify the farmer’s life and bring tranquility to him with a management that brings better residual control. “Because it is a herbicide that brings flexibility and ease of application, it serves all producers, from the most traditional to the most enterprising, with little or medium technical knowledge, and low or high availability for the adoption of new technologies”, says João Ibelli, manager of ADAMA herbicides.

Cheval® is yet another solution brought by ADAMA aimed at the needs of farmers and which meets the company’s brand promise of listening, understanding and delivering. In other words, ADAMA is committed to listening to farmers’ stories and understanding their challenges in order to deliver them the best products and technologies that meet their needs and expectations.

Source: ADAMA


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