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ROOT, Fusite reach agreement on smart factory design provisionqrcode

Nov. 30, 2021

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Nov. 30, 2021

Recently, ROOT won the bid for an overall smart factory design for the famous coating company, Fusite New Materials. The contract will cover the design of the company’s production system and automatic control system.


Founded in 1995, Fusite is a large-scale enterprise engaged in research, development, production, marketing and technical service in the fields of architectural coating, insulation, flooring, decorative insulation. The company is a dedicated architectural coating and insulation integration solution provider and a leading Chinese architectural coating brand. The production of coating is increasingly governed by requirements covering energy consumption, carbon emissions and work efficiency, so environmental compliance standards are getting stricter.




Root Smart Platform


Many large conventional enterprises are facing the issues of lower work efficiency, higher energy consumption and higher operational costs. Running a highly-demanding stable unit requires a lot of manpower and energy, which will increase spending on operations and maintenance.


In view of these problems, ROOT’s high-end equipment research and production-centric business strategy have established a solid foundation for its smart factory development-oriented contracting service. In return, the strategic development of its smart factory contracting service guides ROOT’s smart equipment development. Hence, it is able to integrate physical production systems with digital information platforms, therefore, creating new safe, environmentally-friendly, efficient smart factories for customers.



Smart production is a key component of the entire smart factory, whilst smart production usually includes core components, such as powder dosing, fluid dosing, dispersion, grinding, dispatching,  filtration, packaging, pipes, valves, utility and smart control.




Smart Factory Overall Design


Production flexibility (advanced planning and scheduling system APS)


Equipment Flexibility: By adjusting equipment, different products are made; Process Flexibility: By adjusting production process, different product needs are fulfilled;  Planning and Scheduling Flexibility: By estimation, purchase orders are arranged to save time and cost.



Production digitalization (Manufacturing Execution System MES/Advanced Planning and Scheduling System APS)

Real-time: Real-time data acquisition; Information Center: Intercommunication providing information on production activities of the whole supply chain; Hardware and Software Integration: An integrated system to provide execution of various production tasks.




Quality traceability (statistical process control SPC, whole course quality traceability)


Through product identification and product status during the entire production and service process, traceability is achieved in case of confusion or misuse.




Equipment self-management (equipment failure auto alarm and automatic generation of overall equipment effectiveness OEE)


Complete Alarm Data: Equipment alarm data is detailed, allowing users to obtain alarm information through software to conduct diagnosis and processing; Automated Production Efficiency Statistics: Automatic fault statistics, operations and waiting time, enabling good command of production efficiency.



Production transparency  (real-time production status and statements)


A visual management system will exhibit all kinds of data in a concise and clear manner, which can be presented in various types of statements, to facilitate data checking and analysis.



Logistics digitalization (bar code, QR code, RFID)


The visual management system will exhibit all types of data in a concise and clear manner, which can be presented in various forms of statements to facilitate data checking and analysis.




(Note: Project in process; Some pictures are from successful cases


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