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Pilarquim completes its pyrethroid microcapsule upgradingqrcode

Nov. 25, 2021

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Nov. 25, 2021

In 2021, Pilarquim carried out a technical upgrading of its PILARMD (Lambda-cyhalothrin CS), PILARCLOTRIN (Lambda-cyhalothrin + Clothianidin ZC) and PILARSEED (Clothianidin + Fludioxonil + Lambda-cyhalothrin ZCS) through new technical innovations.

Lambda-cyhalothrin is a highly efficient and broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide, which can inhibit the nerve axon conduction of insects, being very effective in terms of contact toxicity and stomach poisoning. Lambda-cyhalothrin is subject to decomposition due to UV irradiation, but the microcapsule technology can solve the problem effectively.  

Microcapsule is an excellent representation of many novel pesticide formulations, and uses natural or synthetic polymer material as a capsule wall to coat an active substance (capsule core) via chemical, physical or physiochemical processes, therefore, forming a semi-permeable or sealed microcapsule, effectively slowing down the release rate of a compound, maintaining effective concentration and extending its lasting effect.

However, in the actual application process, Lambda-cyhalothrin can cause skin irritation to people with sensitive skin and can have an adverse impact on end users. To solve this problem and offer a better user experience, Pilarquim’s Research and Development Center has optimized the formulation, which uses nanotechnology to add a special coating, as well as algae extract to modify its wall material. The double-layer coating effectively relieves skin irritation. 

Lambda-cyhalothrin is the most important pyrethroid compound and is used on soybean, corn, wheat and rice, being distributed in dozens of countries, led by Brazil, the United States and China. 


At present, Lambda-cyhalothrin is one of Pilarquim’s major compounds. In recent years, based on Lambda-cyhalothrin, Pilarquim has developed a series of microcapsule products, including PILARCLOTRIN (Clothianidin + Lambda-cyhalothrin ZC),PILARMD (Lambda-cyhalothrin CS), PILARVICTOR (Lambda-cyhalothrin + Lufenuron ZC) and PILARSEED (Clothianidin + Fludioxonil + Lambda-cyhalothrin ZCS), etc. 

In 2021, with the release and popularity of Lambda-cyhalothrin CS in the Brazilian market, certain other products such as PILARCLOTRIN (Clothianidin + Lambda-cyhalothrin ZC) have also been consecutively launched in 20 countries. Pilarquim’s microcapsule technology and products are being gradually promoted in the global market, creating value for farmers worldwide. In the coming years, Pilarquim is prepared to adhere to its high production quality and actively follow China’s “pesticide reduction and efficiency increase” initiative to continue research and development in microcapsule formulations, including intensive study of production processes, release mechanisms, wall material optimization and improved performance, to make continuous improvements to pesticide micro capsulation.


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