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Vive Crop Protection's AZterknot fungicide surpasses expectations in first seasonqrcode

Nov. 5, 2021

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Nov. 5, 2021


Vive Crop Protection's AZterknot fungicide surpasses expectations in first season

AZterknot, the first 3-in-1 fungicide to harness the benefits of a biological, the trusted performance of chemistry and the ease of Allosperse, was well received by retailers and growers resulting in a ‘sold out’ position for 2021, its first season of sales.

“We are excited about the response we’ve received from growers and retailers all across the U.S. and have already received orders for 2022 that exceed total 2021 sales. At Vive, we are committed to bringing products that make a real difference for growers and AZterknot is a good example. It is the first in a series of combined chemistry and biological-based products that will benefit from our patented Allosperse technology, and we believe this is the future of both Vive and the entire industry,” says Darren Anderson, CEO at Vive Crop Protection.

Results from growers who used AZterknot fungicide in its first season include:
•    Alfalfa, Central Iowa: test results showed that the AZterknot-treated field had the highest quality, compared to all other fields on the farm
•    Corn mid-season, North Dakota: portion of field treated with AZterknot was greener and had increased biomass, indicating better crop health
•    Potatoes, Idaho: AZterknot-treated plants were greener and stayed healthier with less disease and leaf roll later into the season
•    Potatoes, Idaho: AZterknot was aerial applied, mixed with an insecticide. AZterknot-treated potatoes showed less soft rot than normal, indicating that they will be able to withstand storage longer
•    Sugarbeets, Michigan: AZterknot-treated plots were greener and had better plant stand, enabling better quality and yield at the end of the season

Most harvest results are still to come, but growers are bullishly anticipating increased yield and quality.

AZterknot fungicide contains Reynoutria extract, Azoxystrobin and the Allosperse nano-polymer delivery system and delivers two modes of action: group 11 and group P5. The biological and chemistry work together to provide disease control, improved plant health and increased stress tolerance, resulting in peace of mind and a strong return on investment.


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