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Analysis of upstream and downstream industries of fluorinated pesticides and intermediates in Chinaqrcode

Oct. 28, 2021

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Oct. 28, 2021

Speaker: Xiao Lifeng - Dalian Join King Fine Chemical, Vice General Manager

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According to incomplete statistics, the fluorine-containing compounds in the new varieties of pesticides developed in the past 10 years globally are as high as more than 50%. Fluorine-containing pesticides have become the main direction of the development and application of the pesticide industry, which shows the important position of fluorine atoms in pesticides.

As an important fluorine-containing heterocyclic structure, trifluoromethyl pyridine is also a common group in current commercial pesticides. From the perspective of classification, it covers the entire pesticide categories and should still be the mainstream of market supply. 

In 2021 China Pesticide Exporting Workshop, Xiao Lifeng, Vice general manager of Dalian Join King Fine Chemical, gave a basic introduction to China's fluorine-containing pesticides and intermediates industry, to help global buyers understand China's pesticide industry more clearly , so as to find cooperation opportunities for development. 

Major fluorinated pesticides

Fluorinated herbicide

Trifluralin, Oxyfluorfen, Fomesafen, Acifluorfen, Fluazifop, Flumioxazin, Flupoxan, Carfentrazone-ethyl, etc.

Fluorinated fungicide

Fluazinam, Fluopyram, Fluopicolide, Flusilazole, Triflumizole, Dichlofluanid, Nuarimol, etc.

Fluorinated insecticide

-Fluorinated pyrethroids: Bifenthrin, Brofluthrinate, Flumethrin, etc.

-Fluorinated benzamides: Hexaflumuron, Diflubenzuron, Penfluron, Teflubenzuron, etc.

Fluorinated acaricide

Fluazinam, Arylfluoroamine, Chlorfenapyr, etc.

Fluorinated PGR

3-Indolebutyric acid, Flurprimidol, Flumetralin, etc.

Fluorinated rodenticide

Flocoumafen, Bromethalin, etc.

The fluorine-containing pesticide intermediates mainly include: aliphatic fluoride, fluorinated heterocyclic compounds, fluorobenzene compounds, and trifluoromethyl compounds. 


Overall, the development of fluorobenzene intermediates in China is relatively early, and the current production capacity is generally surplus; The development of trifluorotoluene intermediates is relatively late, and the development speed has been relatively fast in recent years; For heterocyclic aromatic compounds, especially fluorine-containing pyridines, currently only a few research units and manufacturers in China possess the synthesis technology of fluorine-containing pyridine intermediates. Therefore, fluorine-containing pyridine intermediates will become one of the main directions for the research and development of fluorine-containing intermediates in the next few years.

If you have more questions regarding fluorinated pesticides and its intermediates, please leave the question under the presentation video page and interact with the expert Xiao Lifeng.


About Dalian Join King Fine Chemical

Dalian Join King Fine Chemical Co., Ltd is a high-tech innovative enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. We mainly engaged in process development of fine chemicals such as Agrochemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates  etc. 

Dalian Join King has established world class proprietary technology platforms based on core technologies such as heterocycles, chiral chemistry and semi-synthesis, who has been in cooperation with many top 500 companies such as DOW, DuPont, Bayer, FMC, Ella Lilly, DSM and so on, established strategic partnerships and provided them with CRO, CMO services and custom manufacturing service.

Based on over ten year experiences of Chemphy, Dalian Join King has been set up complete high standard EHS and Quality Assurance system, formed its core competency in terms of "R&D-Scale-up-Engineering-Commercialization", and become one of  the high-tech enterprises with the most dynamics and innovative in China.

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