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Oct. 22, 2021

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Oct. 22, 2021

On October 14, 2021, tembotrione technical of Anhui JiuYi Agriculture Co., Ltd was granted technical equivalence in the EU. As the EU is world’s strictest region of pesticide administration, the grant of technical equivalence to tembotrione technical in the EU is an important milestone in the process of product development of JiuYi Agriculture. The grant of technical equivalence shows that tembotrione technical of Anhui JiuYi Agriculture is on a par with that of multinationals, standing at an international first-class level, which paves the way for the product to access into EU market.

Anhui JiuYi Agriculture Co., Ltd is one of the earliest companies in China to be granted registration of prothioconazole technical and formulation. The prothioconazole of the company is exported widely to overseas market in large quantity, which has contributed significantly to the business growth of the company. At the beginning of development of tembotrione, JiuYi Agriculture has targeted at markets both at home and abroad. Among the targeted markets, the EU is one of the important strategic markets of the company. The grant of EU technical equivalence to tembotrione technical is expected to promote more sales of the company’s products in the EU market, which will further increase the overall business performance of the company.

The tembotrione technical 8% OD developed by JiuYi Agriculture has been experimented and demonstrated in a number of locations, where the experiment results reveal a better control effect than the contrast group. The product has an excellent effect of control of annual weeds such as crab grass, speedwell, eleusine indica, echinochloa hispidula, nutgrass, goosefoots, amaranthus retroflexus, purslane, dayflower, fallopia convolvuluswild cotton and xanthium. It is also effective on prevention and control of older eleusine indica and the resistant crab grass. 

In the years ahead, JiuYi Agriculture is determined to continue research and development of the application of tembotrione, such that tembotrione can be utilized more efficiently, safely and rationally. JiuYi Agriculture is prepared to strengthen development of a clean process for synthesis of tembotrione; develop a continuous, automated and data-based production process; continue optimization of the process and reduction of cost of production; reduce the quantity of waste water, waste gas and waste solid; increase research and development of waste treatment technology; make continuous improvement to the safety, reliability and cleanliness of the process; develop new formulation types; create additional mixtures; and expand the scope of application of the product.

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