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Thierry Pradier appointed Director of KIMITEC for Europeqrcode

Oct. 15, 2021

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Oct. 15, 2021

Spain  Spain

1632324152435.jpgKIMITEC has appointed Thierry Pradier as Director for Europe in a newly created position that emphasizes the company’s desire to acquire a leadership position in the European biological products market.

A subsector within agricultural inputs has been created to replace chemical synthesis products, pesticides and fertilizers. This is mainly for Europe, where the historical demands of mass retailers and consumers have now materialized and accelerated by the Farm to Fork strategy, for which Brussels is firmly positioning itself as the first climate-neutral continent in 2050.

Víctor Rojas, Chief Sales Officer, said, “Europe is a strategic continent in the biologics sector. However, the lack of specific regulations for the registration of pesticides in the old continent paradoxically places the European natural solutions market behind other areas of the world. “The forecast is that this situation will change, and in the short term, we could see a real boom in the European biologics market.”

Thierry’s appointment is meant "to position KIMITEC in the top three of the biological suppliers in Europe in the next five years." It will boost the sales of the biostimulant, pre and probiotic solutions and priming, currently available in KIMITEC’s portfolio. It will prepare the launch of the 46 biopesticides, insecticides, fungicides and bioherbicides with R&D projects currently being developed at MAAVi Innovation Center. Founded by KIMITEC, it is the largest center dedicated to natural agriculture in Europe. It has an Artificial Intelligence platform to accelerate the research and development of molecules, compounds and natural products, unique in producing biological inputs.

In the development of biopesticides of the company, for Europe, they are highlighting a bioherbicide platform to replace the notorious herbicide Glyphosate or a biofungicide solution to tackle the problem of rust in cereal that currently affects 25 million hectares in Europe, of the Septoria in wheat or the Oidium in lettuce and potato. All of these diseases and problems have a high impact in the old continent.

Pradier has more than 20 years of experience in the European market of biological products, biopesticides, biostimulants and inoculants in marketing, creation and business development and sales in companies as recognized as Novozymes, Monsanto and Sumitomo Chemical.



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