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Oct. 1, 2021

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Oct. 1, 2021

"Elemental Enzymes has seen significant growth over our 10-year history.  From our foundational work as an R&D partner, to launching our own commercial products in 2017, we have seen continual organic growth to fuel our robust pipeline.," said Katie Thompson, PhD., Chief Operating Officer at Elemental Enzymes in a recent interview with AgroPages.

She also shared her views on the Elemental Enzymes' products and special features, research facility, the challenges in developing products and extending new markets, as well as future development plan etc.

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Katie Thompson, PhD.
Chief Operating Officer at Elemental Enzymes

AgroPages: Pls briefly introduce Elemental Enzymes.

Elemental Enzymes is committed to creating high-performing solutions that are both eco-friendly and sustainable, and that don’t require changes in a grower’s standard program to see results.  Our products improve soil and plant health with a focus on crop efficiency and biocontrol delivered through our platform technologies of enzymes, peptides, and biochemistries.     

AgroPages: Can you introduce Elemental Enzymes’ products and special features, as well as their innovation and application value?

All Elemental Enzyme products have been created by identifying specific target processes that occur in nature, isolating the component or components that make the process work, purifying it and delivering the solution in a clean, concentrated, and effective manner.  No complex mixtures. Each product contains targeted solutions and claims backed by science.  This approach creates consistent products with high “win rates” among growers, and consistent performance in the field.  
AgroPages: Could you introduce Elemental Enzymes’ research & technology and production facilities, relevant capabilities and unique strengths?
Elemental Enzymes global headquarters is located in St. Louis, MO. This centralized location in the corn belt allows for collaboration with academic leaders and Universities as well as access to trials throughout the Midwest. We opened a dedicated research facility in Central Florida to support our efforts in Citrus, with an emphasis on HLB (Citrus greening). Our third location located in Melbourne highlights our commitment to international expansion and growth within the Asia Pacific region and in particular Australia and New Zealand. We currently manufacture and deliver products throughout North America, Australia and New Zealand with expansion efforts ongoing for LATAM and European markets.  One of our greatest strengths is our people.  We have a team with diverse backgrounds and experiences who are all focused on delivering sustainable solutions that have a broad impact on agriculture.

AgroPages: How has Elemental Enzymes been able to develop these novel biological products?  How was EE grown so fast over the last few years?

Elemental Enzymes has seen significant growth over our 10-year history.  From our foundational work as an R&D partner, to launching our own commercial products in 2017, we have seen continual organic growth to fuel our robust pipeline. We continue to evaluate key partnerships that align with our science based approach in targeted markets.   
AgroPages: What are Elemental Enzymes' requirements in choosing partners? 

We look at multiple aspects as we evaluate partnership opportunities. First and foremost, we ensure we align with partners who share our disciplined scientific approach. Secondly, we look for partners whose expertise matches up with our shared responsibilities.   
AgroPages: What are the challenges and countermeasures in developing products and extending new markets?
Delivering novel products often requires novel regulatory and scientific expertise, and a great deal of patience.  Each country is unique and requires a tailored approach to partnering with regulatory authorities. Having frequent communications with regulators is required to understand local laws needed to gain approvals for each country.  
AgroPages: What's the future development planning of Elemental Enzymes?

We have recently had several exciting press releases to announce our commercialization efforts with our strategic partners. These announcements highlight upcoming launches of a few high impact products at Elemental Enzymes with our partners.  We have a robust pipeline with new actives that show promise for disease and insect targets in various crops as we look to further develop our Biopesticide and Bioinsecticide technologies.

At the same time, we continue to develop unique patented soil enzymes and seed treatment technology products currently available today.  

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