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USA - BASF paves the way with 14 new Enlist E3 soybean varieties for 2022 plantingqrcode

−− New varieties provide high yield performance and a strong agronomic defensive package

Sep. 16, 2021

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Sep. 16, 2021

BASF Crop Protection USA
United States  United States

USA - BASF paves the way with 14 new Enlist E3 soybean varieties for 2022 planting

BASF has expanded its Xitavo™ soybean seed portfolio with the addition of 14 new high-performing  Enlist E3® soybean varieties. Xitavo soybean seed is owned by MS Technologies and is exclusively distributed by BASF.

“With the addition of Xitavo soybean seed to the BASF-distributed soybean seed portfolio, we are not only determined to expand our portfolio but are also committed to bringing farmers the best varieties for 2022 planting and beyond,” said Marc Hoobler, U.S. Soybean Agronomy Lead for BASF.

Xitavo soybean seed will be available in 31 varieties covering relative maturities from 0.1-4.7. Xitavo soybean seed includes the Enlist E3 triple-stack herbicide tolerant trait, providing tolerance to Liberty® herbicide, a novel 2,4-D choline formulation and glyphosate. With this triple herbicide tolerance, soybean farmers can use multiple modes of action against their most difficult weeds.

“Yield trials in 2020 showed Xitavo varieties outperforming the test mean by an average of nearly 106% — among the highest-performing varieties on the market today,” said Hoobler. “Growers looking for varieties equipped with a strong agronomic package and top performance should consider adding these to their 2022 lineup.”

Hoobler noted several yield-leading Xitavo varieties to keep an eye on:

  • XO 0602E: A top yielding soybean with high standability is hard to find. This variety has top-notch standability and outperforms the competition. It yields 108.3% of the test mean. Bred for Western geographies with a strong agronomic package.1

  • XO 1632E: An agronomic leader, this variety offers an excellent disease package with 3a Phytophthora root rot (PRR), good iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC), sudden death syndrome (SDS) tolerance and brown stem rot (BSR) resistance. It yields 106.9% of the test mean.1

  • XO 2472E: Above average IDC, SDS with BSR resistance and 1k PRR gene. This variety stands out with a 107.1% yield advantage above the test mean with broad acre adaptability.1

  • XO 3402E: Taller variety with great standability. This variety has a market-leading defense package and yielded 104.3% above the test mean.1

“We see performance improving with each Xitavo class,” said Hoobler. “We have never been more excited about a new set of varieties — a strong agronomic defensive package and high yield.”
For more information, visit XitavoSoybeanSeed.com or your local ag retailer.

1M.S. Technologies 2020 yield trials. Results may vary based on agronomic practices and weather conditions.


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