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Oro Agri’s Limonene-D granted extended application registration in China, exclusive distributor Jintai Biotechnology lead the industry sectorqrcode

Sep. 8, 2021

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Sep. 8, 2021

China's Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) announced a new batch of pesticide products filed for changes to their registrations. Among them, 21 are expected to be approved for extended applications, including Oro Agri’s Limonene-D, which filed for extended application for controlling anthracnose on strawberry.

Limonene-D is the world’s first pure natural vegetable oil developed and produced by Oro Agri, which is extracted from oranges using a special cold pressing technique. It has obtained both EU organic certification and Chinese organic certification. Limonene-D is used for preventing and controlling various sucking mouthparts, such as bemisia tabaci, aphids, scale insects, wood lice and red spider, as well as a large variety of plant diseases and insect pests like powdery mildew, gray mold, downy mildew and anthracnose. The product is low toxic, residue-free, safe for natural enemies and honeybees, and environmentally-friendly.

On 30th August, 2018, Oro Agri was granted exclusive registration of Limonene-D in China, including D-limonene technical 92% and D-limonene soluble concentrate, which is the only registration in China currently. The registration was granted for application to control tomato whitefly, citrus red spider and cucumber powdery mildew.

Jintai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the legally-authorized agent for Oro Agri’s orange oil product series in China, having spent nearly 10 years exploring and developing the Chinese market. The company is the first market player to promote pure natural orange oil products in the Chinese agricultural market, which is leading the development of this industry sector. 

Features of the product series:

1. Originated from nature, safe and environmentally-friendly

The natural orange oil product series is safe and environmentally-friendly, as well as non-toxic to honeybees and natural enemies. There is no risk of pesticide residue and fruit picking can take place half a day after application. The product is both EU and China organic certified. Moreover, it can be used in plant disease and insect pest solutions for application in organic production bases.

2. Unique action mechanism with quick effect

The product’s unique effect when controlling insect pests and diseases prevents any cross resistance to other chemical pesticides. After spraying, it takes effect against bemisia tabaci in just one minute, which quickly controls the damage caused by bemisia tabaci adults and reduces overall pest damage.

3. Combined insecticidal, miticidal and fungicidal activity

In the early stage of occurrence of insect pests, an application will be effective in controlling sucking mouthparts, such as bemisia tabaci, aphids, red spiders, wood lice and scale insects. Before the occurrence or in the early stage of occurrence of insect pests, the product is effective in controlling powdery mildew.

4. Good mixability 

It is mixable with common pesticides and is compatible for use in various plant disease and insect pest solutions.

金泰gif广告.gifFounded in 1999, Jintai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Zhejiang AMP Group, being engaged in agricultural supply business operations and services. Backed up by the business strength of the AMP Group, Jintai Biotechnology aims to create a first-class supply chain and professional service platform while constantly developing new businesses, such as aerial pesticide applications, unified prevention and control systems, quarantine inspections of insect pests, agricultural material e-commerce, intelligent logistics and warehousing. The company has established and maintained good business relations with major agrochemical companies both at home and abroad, including Bayer, Syngenta, Corteva, BASF, Oro Agri, Japan Nissan Chemical, Zhejiang Wynca and Zhejiang Xinnong.

Jintai Biotechnology is now looking for innovative green pesticides, advanced agricultural technologies and equipment globally for China market. If you are interested to introduce your product or technology in China, please contact them.

Zhejiang AMP Jintai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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