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China’s latest land survey data shows China has 1.918 billion mu of cultivated landqrcode

Sep. 1, 2021

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Sep. 1, 2021


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The Chinese State Council, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the National Bureau of Statistics jointly published, on August 26, the Third National Land Survey Data, revealing China’s cultivated land area of 1.918 billion mu (1 mu equals 1/15 hectare).

According to the publication, to date, China has 1.918 billion mu of cultivated land which includes 471 million mu of paddy field accounting for 24.55%, 481 million mu of irrigable land accounting for 25.12% and 965 million mu of dry land accounting for 50.33%.

It should be noted that 64% of the cultivated land is distributed north of Qinling Mountain and Huaihe River. Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Jilin and Xinjiang possess larger amounts of cultivated land, accounting for 40% of China’s cultivated land.

Cultivated land with annual precipitation of 800mm or above amounted to 670 million mu, accounted for 34.96% of the total cultivated land; Cultivated land with annual precipitation between 400mm (inclusive of 400mm) and 800mm amounted to 944 million mu, accounting for 49.24% of the total; Cultivated land with annual precipitation of 200mm (inclusive of 200m) to 400mm amounted to 192 million mu, accounting for 10.01% of the total, and cultivated land with annual precipitation below 200mm amounted to 111 million mu, accounting for 5.79% of the total.

China’s garden area is 303 million mu, including 195 million mu of orchards accounting for 64.60%. The tea garden area is 25 million mu, accounting for 8.35%; there are 3.968 billion mu of grassland, including 3.198 billion mu of natural grassland accounting for 80.59%, artificial grassland of nine million mu, accounting for 0.22%, and 4.262 billion mu of forest land and 352 million mu of wetland.


Source: AgroNews

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