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Aug. 26, 2021

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Aug. 26, 2021

China's Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) announced in July this year, that it had granted registration to Bromacil 80% WDG from Yifan Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. 

This is China’s first-time registration of the Bromacil formulation of this kind, with registration certificate No. PD20211090.

The Bromacil 80% WDG targets weeds in pineapple fields via directed stem leaf spraying. Previously, Yifan Biotechnology was granted Bromacil 80% WP, with registration certificate No. PD20210336. Compared to the wettable powder, the water-dispersible granule not only has the properties of strong suspension, dispersibility and stability but is also more user-friendly.

Bromacil is used for pineapple and citrus, being an electron transport inhibitor acting on the photosynthesis II receptor. It is mainly absorbed by the root, and by the stem and the leaf in a small amount. After its application, Bromacil dissolves quickly in the soil and it can retain its control effect for a long time. Its soil half-life can last between 60 and 180 days. Bromacil has excellent control over annual and perennial weeds and can be used as a broad-spectrum herbicide in non-cultivated land. Also, it can be used as a selective herbicide for some crops such as pineapples.

According to the efficacy test, Bromacil 80% WDG has an excellent and long-lasting effect against weeds. The test report shows that the product can effectively control the common annual and perennial weeds in the pineapple field, including barnyard grass, crabgrass, eleusine indica, tropic ageratum herb, Cyperus iria L, Amaranthus hybridus and Cyperus rotundus. The recommended dosage will be 300 to 400 g/mu (active ingredient dosage: 3600 to 4800 g/hectare). Its application should take place in the early stages of weed growth. During the application experimentation, no yellowing, defoliation, deformity of leaves or growth inhibition was evident, indicating that the recommended dosage is safe for the growth of pineapples, which can effectively inhibit weeds without affecting the growth of pineapple. 


At present, Yifan Biotechnology is working on increasing the scope of the application of Bromacil. Meanwhile, the company is making an effort to develop its international market. Hence, the company is looking forward to in-depth exchange and cooperation with customers at home and abroad, which will bring added value to the agricultural products of customers.

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