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Aug. 11, 2021

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Aug. 11, 2021

Point Americas - Innovating Sustainable and Organic Crop Protection in Latin America

Over the past 20 years, Latin America’s agricultural trade surplus has been steadily increasing, making the region the largest global exporter of agricultural products. Total exports increased from US$45 billion in 1999 to US$193 billion in 2019. The additional income from the growing value of exports enabled many food producers on the continent to focus on meeting the heightened demand for sustainable growing practices, as consumers are now demanding not only high quality and low price, but also reduced environmental impact.

QQ截图20210811092306.pngThe largest net exporter of agricultural products in terms of volume is Brazil, both globally and regionally. Brazil has also seen the fastest growth in exports. Argentina is in second place, with a more moderate growth rate over the last 20 years. Other countries in the region with significant agricultural trade surpluses are Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay. The crops grown primarily for export are oil seeds, coffee, fruits and vegetables. 

Point Americas has been selling agrochemicals and plant nutrition and biological products in Latin America for over 35 years. In addition to a growing portfolio of biological and organic products, as detailed below, it also has over 400 registrations within the organization. 

The company has achieved sustained growth by continuously delivering innovative and high-quality products and solutions to a wide range of crop producers across the continent. It is now a recognized industry leader, in part, through conducting rigorous product market studies across different countries in the region, with their results providing rigorous data required to verify product effectiveness in a range of environmental conditions and, subsequently, meeting country-specific regulatory requirements.

Point Americas anticipated the increased market demand throughout Latin America for safe and organic food years before its competitors, so it proactively developed a robust line of biological products to gain an early market advantage. The development of the new product line required an aggressive marketing strategy to identify new and innovative products for a wide variety of crops and challenges. Once the targets and field effectiveness were confirmed, the regulatory process began. The registration process of a biological product in several countries demand a significant investment in terms of time and resources, to complete technical tests that comply with local regulations. 

In order to ensure the stable and reliable supply of its products, Point Americas and its long-term partner, Jiangyin Milagro Chemical, established a joint venture, Point China, in China. Making product quality its priority, Point China closely connects with Chinese suppliers while steadily providing Point Americas with various products, including biological products, securing the company's supply chain even in an unfavorable production environment.

Point Americas currently has 24 registered biological products across Latin America, of which six are certified organic. It also has 12 registrations in process in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Perú, Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay.

 Case Study: En Vivo® SC – Biological Insecticide

En Vivo® SC, one of Point Americas’ biggest success stories, is a bioinsecticide based on the Nuclear Polyhedrosis virus (NPV) that controls a wide spectrum of lepidopteran pests in various crops and climates.

The product development of En Vivo® SC began with tests on the most damaging pests affecting the most regionally significant crops. It excelled in terms of efficacy as early as the first trials, achieving levels like those of chemically synthesized products. In 2017, it was commercially registered in Peru, followed by Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and Chile. As a result of its continued success, En Vivo® SC will soon be packaged in different formulations to increase its reach potential.

En Vivo’s notable successes resulted in ongoing investments to include new crops into its label. When first approved, it was authorized for use on 3 crops. It is currently approved for use on twelve crops, including artichoke, avocado, rice, olive blueberry, broccoli, cocoa, asparagus, pomegranate, capsicum and corn, with several more in process. In addition, En Vivo® SC received organic certification status in Perú and Chile, allowing it to be used on local crops that require the use of products with a low toxicological load for pest control. Organic crop products must be innocuous, contain zero residues and have a low environmental impact, which are all requirements met by En Vivo® SC.


Point Americas’ Growing Line of Biological Crop Protection Products

Point Americas has a growing portfolio of biological products that are commercialized or in the process registration Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Perú, Chile and Uruguay.


En Vivo® SC

QQ截图20210811092615.pngAbioinsecticide composed of the Nuclear Polyhedrosis virus (NPV) that acts through ingestion by the larvae of Lepidoptera. When the treated leaves are ingested, the viral infection manifests in the host, ultimately killing the larvae.


QQ截图20210811092819.pngA biological insecticide and fungicide composed of a mixture of more than 100 terpenoids that act on contact. It is lethal to Bemisia tabaci eggs and nymphs, as well as Lepidopteran larvae.


QQ截图20210811092943.pngA biological insecticide and acaricide of plant origin containing Matrine as the bioactive component. It acts through contact and ingestion and affects the central nervous system of insects, causing paralysis and subsequent suffocation.


QQ截图20210811093041.pngA biofungicide that features as an active microbial ingredient derived from Streptomyces, a soil-dwelling Gram + bacterium. Virtuox® WP offers broad spectrum control, attacking the biosynthesis of chitin present in the cell walls of fungi.

El Dorado® Polyversum

QQ截图20210811093117.pngBiofungicide with the active ingredient, Pythium oligandrum, used in the treatment of Botrytis, gray rot/gray mold, which acts over the three stages of Mycoparasitism, induced resistance and growth stimulation.



QQ截图20210811093202.pngA bioacaricide of plant origin extracted from the essence of the palmarosa plant, with the active ingredient, Geraniol, an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor that disrupts the growth of mites. 

Point Americas will remain a leader in the sustainable and organic sector for decades to come, and it is further strengthening its legacy by offering innovative and high-quality products to food growers throughout Latin America. 

The New Challenges

Advances to global sustainable and organic food production practices will continue to fuel the growth of the industry in Latin America. Point Americas will be a catalyst for this growth, by expanding its sustainable and organic product portfolio and developing marketing strategies tailored for each market, to fulfil the different regulatory demands of each country, therefore, helping protect and increase the production of a greater number of crops with environmentally friendly products. The company’s unwavering commitment to innovation will continue to enable agricultural food producers in Latin America to maximize their sustainable and organic crop yields.


This article is firstly published in AgroPages neally published "2021 Latin America Focus". Download to see full contents of the magazine. 


Source: AgroNews

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