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Agro-100 and Les Carrières BGR of Joliette have signed a strategic alliance to supply raw materials used in the high-tech agricultural inputs manufacturingqrcode

Aug. 3, 2021

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Aug. 3, 2021

Canada  Canada

Agro-100 and Les Carrières BGR of Joliette have signed a strategic alliance to supply raw materials used in the high-tech agricultural inputs manufacturing

In order to ensure a secure supply of raw materials from cement kiln residues, Agro-100, the only exclusively Canadian-owned producer of high-tech agricultural inputs, has agreed to adopt a formal strategic alliance with Les Carrières BGR; an alliance that will consolidate the integrity of the manufacturing processes of ProKa and CalPoMag products, which constitute an eco-responsible solution for fertilization and soil health.

"This alliance is for us a sensible option that offers the company an alternative that guarantees the continuity of its operations in the production of FRM fertilizers, which are greatly needed by agricultural producers to ensure the fertility of their soils and the yield of their crops," said Agro-100's CEO, Stéphane Beaucage, adding that, according to the latest available statistics, 1.5 million tons of FRM were recycled for agricultural reuse in a single year; which is exceptional if we compare this data to other recycling channels more known to the public, such as the recovery of paper, glass and metal. Moreover, according to the same Quebec government reports, this recycling of FRM has helped reduce fertilization costs and improve soil quality (organic matter and pH) on some 1,700 farms.

It is in the strict respect of the prerogatives of each of the parties involved in the dispute opposing Ash Grove Cement Plant and its employees' union that this alliance took shape," continued the President of Agro-100, emphasizing that the security of supply made uncertain because of the dispute was the major argument in favor of such an alliance, which will allow BGR to temporarily take over the supply of raw materials used in the composition of Agro-100's fertilizer products (FRM); essential products for both Canada and Quebec farmers.

For Agro-100, this alternative solution is a winning formula for thousands of agricultural producers for whom these FRM products are an essential part of maintaining soil health.

"More than 30,000 tons of raw material per year will continue to be recovered in this way," added Mr. Beaucage, praising the fact that this would contribute to improving the environmental balance not only of the Lanaudière region, but of all of Quebec.

The president of Agro-100 concluded by saying that this strategic alliance with BGR will contribute to reinforce, under these exceptional circumstances, the mission of the company which, by capitalizing on FMR's as nutrichaulants, participates significantly in the continuous reduction of its carbon footprint, for a better environment focused on fertility, greater health and optimal growth.

Source: Agro-100


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