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Agri-input distributers, domestic and overseas biostimulant companies active in post-disaster soil remediation and agricultural reconstruction in Henan, Chinaqrcode

Aug. 2, 2021

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Aug. 2, 2021

Recently, storms swamped in many places around the world. While Germany, Belgium and France in Europe are still suffering from the floods, Henan Province in China, which is known as the “granary of China”, was raided by unprecedented heavy downpour, which caused floods and huge losses to agricultural production.

Henan’s grain production accounts for 10.19% of China’s total output. The severe flooding has inundated hundreds of thousands of hectares of fertile land in Henan Province. According to the latest official statistics, 215200 hectares of crops are damaged, 77900 hectares are affected, and 10300 hectares have no harvest.

In order to help the affected areas reduce economic losses as much as possible, AgroPages initiated a public benefit campaign to donate emergency agri-inputs by agri-input firms after the disaster, which has received positive responses from leading agri-input distributors and many biostimulant companies at home and abroad. The first batch of relief supplies was quickly collected, including foliar fertilizer for drone aerial application, soil conditioner after flood contamination, biostimulants for plant renewal after stress, fungicides, etc.

This batch of supplies was delivered to Qingyang, Henan, the first destination of post-disaster aid. Qingyang is a semi-mountainous region, with expectable fast receding water and better crop restoration results. According to the Qingyang Agricultural Bureau, crops after flooding experienced immediately sunny days with high temperature (Qingyang City had a sunny day on July 25 and the highest temperature came to 35C). Previously, crop roots were soaked in water in an anoxic state. The sunny days with high temperature after flooding made it difficult for crop roots to breathe and forced crops to increase their transpiration rate, which further caused crop damage and root erosion. In this regard, the Qingyang Agricultural Bureau arranged an immediate drone aerial application in the evening when relief supplies were received, to spray foliar fertilizer (potassium dihydrogen phosphate), plant growth regulator (brassinolide) and fungicide (pyraclostrobin) to treat corn fields step by step.


With the collaborative efforts of all departments, Qingyang achieved a 48-hour emergency rescue of crops. A total of 20,000 mu (1333 hectors) field crops in Qingyang City were remedied with “Cyclone” potassium phosphate donated by Zhejiang AMP, alginate biostimulant “Boosten” by Varagro, and “Folistim Humin”, a new water-soluble fertilizer integrating potassium fulvate, amide and urea-formaldehyde nitrogen, by Golden Farm.

Besides, biostimulants for post-disaster cash crops, such as potassium humate, potassium xanthate and seaweed nitrogen fertilizer, have also been shipped and are expected to be delivered to the disaster area by July 30. Biostimulants can stimulate plants to produce more energy on their own to resist flood stress and accelerate their restoration, providing a feasible solution for subsequent soil remediation for fruit and vegetable growers.

AgroPages would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation again to agri-input distributors and biostimulant companies at home and abroad who participated in the agricultural relief.


  • Zhejiang AMP International Co., Ltd: A leading provincial distribution platform in China, and a distributor for Israel ICL, EuroChem and many overseas specialty fertilizers, with annual fertilizer sales of RMB4 billion.

  • Anhui Golden Farm: A distribution service firm focusing on biological solutions, and the exclusive agent of Koppert (the Netherlands) in China. It is also the distributor of biostimulants and microbial products from SCL (Italy) and Evonik Industries.

  • Valagro: A top biostimulant company from Italy.

  • Humikey: a subsidiary of Shaanxi TBIO Crop Science. TBIO Crop Science is a biostimulants supplier already in humic, polypeptide amino, seaweed area for over 20 years.

  • CITYMAX Group: A Chinese organic fertilizer products manufacturer. It mainly focuses on production and supply of OMRI and ECOCERT certified humic acid, amino acid, fulvic acid and seaweed extract.

  • Shandong Huayuan Humic Acid Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd: The company is capable of producing more than 80,000 tons of various humic acid series products annually, and the agricultural humic acid series has been exported to more than ten countries in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

  • Shanxi Linhai Humic Acid Technology Co., Ltd.: It is one of the drafting organizations of the industry standard titled Mineral Based Potassium Humate, and its mineral based potassium humate series products are characterized by high water solubility, high activity, hard-water resistance and strong compatibility.

  • Henan Kaiwo Biotechnology Co., Ltd: A local company in Qingyang City specialized in the R&D, production and OEM of water-soluble fertilizers, biostimulants and other specialty fertilizers.

The public benefit activities of AgroPages are continuing, and the second destination is Anyang City, Henan Province. Growers in this region are generally small farmers, and the affected crops are mainly corn, hot pepper and peanuts, with a recoverable area of about 3,800 hectares (60,000 mu).

If you, or your Chinese partner, would like to support at whatever agri-inputs products or technical lsolutions, joinning China Agricultural Disaster Relief, please contact us at:

Yutian Lu

Email: yutian.lu@agropages.com

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