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Will Bentazone take on a new life in Southeast Asian rice market and is there any risk of being banned?qrcode

Jul. 15, 2021

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Jul. 15, 2021

AgroPages will continue to release market reports of popular pesticide technicals to help overseas buyers understand the supply pattern and development trends, so to effectively make sourcing strategies.

Herbicide: Bentazone

Main Target Crop: Paddy rice field

Last issueMetamifop

At present, the leading Bentazone manufacturers in China include Ningxia Lamtin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.Zhongshan Chemical and Shandong Binnong Technology Co., Ltd. The other factories did not produce.

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Report Contents

  • Preface

  • Product introduction

  • Registration landscape

  • Export landscape

  • Production technology and production capacity of TC

  • Renewal assessment of Bentazone in the EU

  • Market potential analysis

  • Summary

Report Highlight

Bentazone Technical Capacity


Ningxia Lamtin adopts the methyl anthranilate route to produce bentazone (sodium salt). This company has a relatively complete production system from intermediates to formulation processing. As no centrifugation and drying are required in the processing of Bentazone aqueous solution (AS), production costs of the company are effectively reduced.

Capacities of Key Intermediate Methyl anthranilate


Average RMB23,500/ton, and the supply is relatively stable, with the market price fluctuating usually between 21,000t/a and 25,000/ton.

ICAMA Registration Status:
Bentazone ICAMA Registration Status

ICAMA Registration:194
TC Registration:23
Mixture Registration:67
Main Mixture: MCPA, Acifluorfen ,Metamifop...


Bentazone related water contamination and countermeasures:
this part contributed by REACH24H Consulting Group

In order to address the issue of water contamination caused by Bentazone and to promote the renewal assessment of Bentazone in Europe, BASF, Nufarm and Sharda Cropchem have formed the “Know the Bentazone Risk” group this year. In Europe, India and Malaysia, the annual application amount of related products on soybean, corn, cereal, rice and other crops has been limited below 1 kg a.s./ha...

Requirements and suggestions on field efficacy for registration of Bentazone in the EU:
this part contributed by REACH24H Consulting Group

The typical Bentazone products in the current EU renewal assessment report is soluble liquid (SL), which is used to control annual dicotyledonous weeds in various crops such as soybean, cereals, corn and vegetables...

Market potential analysis

Bentazone has a wide range of applications, including rice, soybeans and other leguminous crops, potatoes, etc., but it is mainly used on soybean crops. Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, is the main market for Bentazone on soybeans. Brazil has little interest in Bentazone because...

Bentazone is also the mainstream product for controlling broadleaf weeds in paddy fields. Its application in rice crops in China is concentrated in Northeast China where farmers usually use the Bentazone + MCPA formulation to control...


At present, the market price of 2,4-D is RMB22,000/ton, while that of Bentazone is RMB108,000/t, up from RMB60,000/t in June last year due to the shortage of intermediate, especially unstable production of Zhongshan...

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