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China ICAMA approved 175 registrations in June, Indian Tagros granted 4th formulation registration in the yearqrcode

Jul. 9, 2021

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Jul. 9, 2021
Yating Jiang

Yating Jiang

Editor of AgroPages


China ICAMA approved 175 pesticide product registrations, including 10 products for export only, in June 2021.

These include 69 herbicides, 43 insecticides, 38 fungicides, 11 sanitary insecticides, six plant growth regulators, 4 acaricides, 2 insecticides/fungicides, 1 acaricide/fungicide and 1 nematicide, in June 2021.

For details of this batch of registered pesticide products, please click: China’s ICAMA approves several export-only product registrations

India Tagros granted 4th formulation registration in 2021

Tagros of India was granted registration of Hexaconazole SC 5%, which is the 4th formulation registration in the year, in June 2021. So far, Tagros possesses 12 registration certificates in China, 10 for field crop use and two for sanitation use. The field crop application involves these active ingredients: Hexaconazole, Cypermethrin, Thiamethoxam, Beta Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin and Difenoconazole. 

Before 2017, the pesticide products filed for registration by the company in China were all technicals. It is a clear sign that Tagros has made efforts to promote the registration of its pesticide formulations in China over the last years.

Second Broflanilide formulation granted registration

In June 2021, Mitsui Chemicals’ Broflanilide SC was granted registration, which is the second Broflanilide formulation granted registration in China following BASF. In December last year, the Broflanilide technical filed by Mitsui Chemicals was granted registration in China.

In 2017, Mitsui Chemicals and BASF executed a global exclusive license and development agreement for the active ingredient, having granted BASF the exclusive right to market and sell Broflanilide products in delegated markets. So far, BASF has been granted registrations in Australia, Canada, China and the United States (US). Mitsui Chemicals has obtained approvals from the regulatory administration in Japan and China; Mitsui Chemicals says that the company has filed for registration in India, the US and the Philippines.

In January 2021, BASF’s broflanilide-based insecticide (trade name Geligao) was granted registration in China for application to control of cabbage Phyllotreta vittata Fabricius and Plutella xylostella. Mitsui Chemicals’ latest formulation 5% SC was approved for control of cabbage beet armyworm and Plutella xylostella.

Other registrations

Among the registration of active ingredients, the most registered active ingredients included in this batch of registrations are Fludioxonil with seven, followed by Lufenuron, Spirotetramat, Chlorfenapyr, Glyphosate, Atrazine and Pyraclostrobin, all with six registrations.




Concerning the registration of mixtures, there are five registrations of Quinclorac mixing with Atrazine, which is the most registered mixture. The other mixtures include Spirotetramat + Pyriproxyfen (2), Lufenuron + Chlorfenapyr (2) and Metamifop + Cyhalofop-butyl (2).

In terms of the type of formulation, SC, WG, OD and EC are the most registered type of formulation, with 45, 20, 20 and 28 respectively.


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  1. 1. Did your sourcing activity get any benefit since ICAMA issued policy of export-only registration?
  2. 2. Base on your country’s policy, can you use the certification of ICAMA’s export-only registration to apply for registration in your country?
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  3. 3. Have you ever successfully registered in any overseas target country by using the certification of ICAMA/India’s export-only registration?
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  4. 4. What products have been affected of your sourcing plan because of the absence of ICAMA registrations?
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