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World’s first introduction of nano-urea solution for farmers in Indiaqrcode

Jun. 2, 2021

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Jun. 2, 2021

World’s first introduction of nano-urea solution for farmers in India

The Indian Farmer Fertilizer Cooperative (IFFCO) announced on Monday that it has introduced the world’s first nanourea solution to farmers around the world.

According to an official statement released today by IFFCO, the world’s first nanourea liquid was introduced at the 50th Annual Meeting in India in online offline mode.

In addition to IFFCO, Nano Urea Liquid is unique as a result of years of research by its scientists and engineers through a proprietary technology developed at Kalol’s Nano Biotechnology Research Center, along with Atmanirbhar Bharat and Atmanirbhar Krishi. Said it was developed in.

Nano Urea Liquid has been shown to be effective and efficient in plant nutrition, improving nutritional quality and increasing production. It also has a significant positive impact on groundwater quality, with a very significant reduction in global warming affecting climate change and sustainable development, IFFCO said.

IFFCO states that excess urea causes environmental pollution, harms soil health, and makes plants susceptible to disease and insect invasion, delayed crop maturation and production loss, and farmers’ use of nano-urea liquids He said that reducing excess urea would support a balanced nutritional program. The use of urea application in the soil makes the crops stronger, healthier and protects them from lodging effects. According to IFFCO, Nano Urea Liquid is pocket-friendly for farmers and helps increase their income. A 500 ml bottle of liquid is said to replace at least one bag of conventional urea. Therefore, it reduces the farmer’s input cost. He added that its small size allows bottles to be kept in pockets, significantly reducing logistics and warehousing costs. This liquid is currently fertilizer management order (based on multiple location and multiple crop tests conducted under 20 ICAR research institutes, the State Agricultural University, and the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) for 43 crops ( Included in FCO, 1985).

Approximately 11,000 farm field trials (FFTs) were conducted on more than 94 crops across India to test their effectiveness. According to IFFCO, recent national trials of 94 crops have witnessed an average increase in yield of 8%. Nano Urea Liquid is being developed as an alternative to traditional urea, reducing its requirements by at least 50%. According to IFFCO, a 500 ml bottle contains 40,000 ppm of nitrogen, which corresponds to the effects of nitrogen nutrients provided in a conventional bag of urea. IFFCO has further announced that production of Nano Urea Liquid will begin by June 2021. Commercial deployment will begin shortly thereafter.

The price of nanourea is 240 rupees per 500 ml bottle for farmers, which is 10% cheaper than the cost of a traditional bag of urea, the company said.

IFFCO said it is planning a large-scale national campaign exercise to demonstrate and train farmers in its usage and application.

Apart from selling on IFFCO’s e-commerce platform, the company added that it will be available primarily through collaborative sales and marketing channels for farmers.

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