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Launching of “HANARO” in Pakistan which contains Bistrifluron, FarmHannong compoundqrcode

Apr. 21, 2021

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Apr. 21, 2021

Farm Hannong
SouthKorea  SouthKorea

Ayan Group
Pakistan  Pakistan

“HANARO”, which is the brand name of Bistrifluron 10%EC of FarmHannong, will be launched at 2021 season for managing whitefly, the main problematic insect in cotton cultivation in Pakistan. Bistrifluron has been prepared the entrance of this market from 2019 by registration.  “HANARO” will be supplied to Pakistani farmers at 2021 by Ayan Crop Science.

Bistrifluron is an insecticide of IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) class and it belongs to benzophenylurea as chemical class. The mode of action of Bistrifluron is to inhibit chitin synthesis and it causes to block molting of target larva and results in no reach of adult stage from larva stage and then eventually the insect dies. FarmHannong mentioned that Bistrifluron can provide a valuable tool for resistance management caused by organic phosphates, carbamates, pyrethroids and etc. with this route of action. Hanaro also shows good performance against lepidopteran larva such as cotton leafworm (Alabama argillacea), tobacco cutworm (Spodoptera litura) and in addition whiteflies such as Trialeurodes vaporariorum and Bemisia tabaci.

Pakistan is the fifth-largest cotton producer in the world and farmers have feared a loss in cotton crop owing to expected high temperature, whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) attack and heavy monsoon rains. High-temperature is favorable atmosphere for whitefly to play big damage with cotton and in the market proper insecticides to prevent whitefly attack is not available easily.

FarmHannong’s vice-president, Mr. Jeff Kwon said “I hope that Hanaro will give a new agricultural solution to Pakistani farmers who have been faced the white fly damage in cotton cultivation because Hanaro can efficiently control the resistant whitefly against several products such as pyrethroids, carbamates insecticide. FarmHannong estimates sales volume of Hanaro 50MT per year in Pakistan and will increase the bistrifluron market by continuously expanding leafworm and bollworm in cotton and the development of new mixtures. Furthermore, FarmHannong has the plan to develop new products to enhance the product portfolio in Pakistan”

Hanaro has been developed and registered in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia for agrochemicals use and it is being developed in Egypt and Brazil as well. Bistrifluron also has been commercialized in several countries in Asia and being registered in Turkey for public health use.  

From 2016, FarmHannong has been actively developed new products with main compounds including Terrad’or, Metamifop, Pyribenzoxim, Flucetosulfuron and Bistrifluron for expanding overseas business. Especially, FarmHannong is highly endeavoring development and commercialization with Terrad’or, non-selective herbicide globally.

Source: FarmHannong


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