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Canada Action Alert: Health Canada proposes to remove regulation for some GMOsqrcode

Apr. 13, 2021

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Apr. 13, 2021

Health Canada has launched a public consultation on its proposal to remove government regulation of some genetically engineered (genetically modified or GM) foods.

If approved, the proposal would remove government oversight for some genetically engineered foods, allowing some GMOs (genetically modified organisms) into the food system without any government safety assessments – these would be unregulated GMOs that the government may not even know exist.

Many of these GMOs are likely to be produced using the new genetic engineering techniques of genome editing, also called gene editing.

Health Canada’s proposals threaten food safety and democracy.

Health Canada is proposing to abdicate its responsibility to ensure food safety and set a precedent of corporate self-regulation in the use of genetic engineering in our food system.

Demand mandatory, independent safety assessments for all genetically engineered foods.

You can send your comments to Health Canada until May 24, 2021. The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network offers information and analysis in a guide to the consultation at www.cban.ca/NoExemptions/Guide


In sharing the above information, please ensure that the guide and all updates and actions are re-posted from www.cban.ca/NoExemptions

The guide has a direct URL to www.cban.ca/NoExemptions/Guide

You can also view and share CBAN's newsletter update from: https://cban.ca/?na=view&id=201



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