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Apr. 12, 2021

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Apr. 12, 2021

AgroPages will continue to release market reports of popular pesticide technicals to help overseas buyers understand the supply pattern and development trends, so to effectively make sourcing strategies.

Herbicide: Metamifop

Main Target Crop: Paddy rice field

Last issue: Cyhalofop-butyl

China is the largest market for Metamifop, where the compound (R) - isomer patent will expire on October 31, 2021. Many enterprises in China are investing or intending to invest in the production of Metamifop. Future increase in production and supply will lead to a price decrease, which is expected to increase the use of Metamifop in China and the rest of the world.

In light of the product’s issues and the current problem of resistance, how much room is left for market growth and will this will be enough to sustain the ongoing investments by enterprises?

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Report Contents

  • Product and Market Overview

  • ICAMA Registration Status

  • Production Capacity & Supplying Status

  • Global Import and Export Situation: Quantities and Trend

  • Application, Price and Market feedbacks

  • Discussion of Future Prospects

Report Highlight

  • Registration Status

 ICAMA Registration: 62

TC Registration: 5

Mixture Registration:36

Main Mixture: Cyhalofop-butyl; Penoxsulam; Bentazone


Data source: China Pesticide Registration Watch; Click to see more about ICAMA registration

  • Production Capacity

Metamifop Technical Capacity


Capacities of Key Intermediates


  • Global Import and Export Situation

-Zhejiang Yongtai exported 40 tons of 2-Fluoro-N-methylaniline in 2017 and 40 tons in 2018, but this dropped rapidly to 10 tons in 2019.

-The intermediates exported...

  • Application, Price and Market feedbacks

-2018, Jiangsu Fuding was granted registration by ICAMA for Metamifop 96%, the active ingredient of the product is 97-98%, which is currently supplied in volumes of 1 to 2 tons per day. Fuding has stocks in hand, being able to legally supply goods.

-Ningxia Lantian obtained....

  • Discussion of Future Prospects

-The prediction is for the consumption of Metamifop to increase by 30% from 2021 to 2022 in China, with peak demand of the Chinese market in 2021 will reach 200 to 300 tons.

-The cost of Metamifop application in Southeast Asia...

Click to download the full report, for free!

To know more about the supply status of Metamifop, or interested in other products, please contact AgroPages.

Email: agropages@vip.163.com   


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