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Stepping into Southeast Asia, taking root in a gateway - Pilarquim’s market development in the Southeast Asian marketqrcode

Mar. 30, 2021

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Mar. 30, 2021

Pilarquim has been active in the international agrochemical market for nearly 60 years, and the Southeast Asian market has been one of Pilarquim's strategic global focuses. As a major agricultural country in the region, Indonesia is key to Pilarquim’s overall strategic market planning.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the Indonesian agrochemical market, explore the right approach towards market access, launch the best products and create value for end users, Pilarquim's marketing team has been present for a long time in Indonesia to closely assess the local market and take root in this gateway to the Southeast Asian market, through adopting a series of strategic measures. In 2018, Pilarquim initiated some new registrations, and in 2019, its Indonesian subsidiary was founded while in 2020, new products were launched in the local market.

Communicating with primary dealers to understand market needs

Indonesia is the largest island country in the world and is a major agricultural country. Its cultivated area is about 80 million hectares, with sufficient sunlight, a humid and rainy climate, and a short growth cycle for crops. There are some 42 million people engaged in agriculture in the country, so market capacity is considerable.

Pilarquim’s marketing team in Indonesia has fully investigated the local planting structure and communicated with dealers, retail stores and growers to understand the exact demands of the market. Finally, rice was chosen as a starting point and a long-term research and field trial was carried out, giving Pilarquim an in-depth understanding of local market demand and user needs.


Innovation of differentiated product to solve tough problem


In line with local market demand, Pilarquim registered a series of products in Indonesia that can be used or combined within different solutions, to solve issues caused by diseases and insect pests throughout the crop growth period.

PILARCLOTRIN (Lambda-cyhalothrin + Clothianidin 280g/L ZC) offers contact toxicity, stomach toxicity and systemic movement, to prevent and control various insect pests. Pilarquim's unique microcapsule technique makes PILARCLOTRIN fast-acting and long-lasting. Field trials were carried out repeatedly in local regions. Six to eight hours after application, almost all insect pests in the field were knocked out. Local farmers were surprised and expressed their amazement when they saw the excellent effect of PILARCLOTRIN, which exceeded the usual “good pesticide” standard in their eyes.  


PILARANDO (Emamectin benzoate + Indoxacarb 107g/L SC) combines two types of very safe and effective compounds that are not easy to produce resistance to, in line with the current development trend in pesticide application. In Indonesian rice field trials, PILARANDO performed especially well against rice leaf roller and rice stem borer. Observations on the second day after application showed that insect pests stopped feeding and their larvae showed water stains and lost activity, with the peak number of dead insects occurring on the third day after application, which effectively solved the resistance problem related to ryanodine receptor inhibitors and organophosphorus and pyrethroid pesticides. The protection period could reach more than 14 days.



PILARPRO (Propiconazole + Azoxystrobin 295g/L SE) is the combination of two compounds with excellent systemic property, ensuring a highly preventive and curative effect against plant diseases. Meanwhile, Pilarquim's unique processing technology enables PILARPRO to offer a longer protection period. In Indonesian rice field trials, PILARPRO was applied once in the middle of the rice tillering stage, and its effect lasted until the heading stage. It was also clear that PILARPRO had a beneficial effect on rice growth, with the leaves of the treated group being greener than the control group and the plants were also stronger. There will also be fewer diseases during the whole rice growth period if PILARPRO is applied again between 5 and 7 days before the heading stage. During the field trials, the damage caused by rice blast in the local area was relatively serious, and the control effect was not good in the control group. After the application of PILARPRO on this area, the disease was effectively controlled.


PILAROPTIM (Gibberellic acid + Indol-3-ylacetic acid + 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid 0.136% WP) contains a variety of growth regulators that can stimulate growth in crops. Its scientific ternary composition promotes germination, rooting and photosynthesis, and improves crop resistance to abiotic stress. Official field trials in Indonesia showed that final rice yield increased by 21% after PILAROPTIM was applied three times at the recommended dosage!



Excellent solutions to creating value for users

Rice is the most important grain crop planted in Indonesia. Pilarquim's products registered in Indonesia not only solve the problems caused by insect pests and disease during the whole growth period of rice, but also improve quality and yield. In 2019, Pilarquim’s Indonesia work team carried out a complete pest control test in a local rice planting area, where a comparison was made against the best-selling product in that region. Test results showed that the yield of the rice field treated with Pilarquim solution was 37% higher than the control area and 51% higher than the rice field managed by farmers on their own.


Going sailing to become a leader in market development

With Pilarquim’s launch of innovative and differentiated products in the global market, more and more growers in different countries have used Pilarquim's new products, as well as its services provided during sales and applications, which have benefited more and more clients and growers. In the near future, Pilarquim will become a leading supplier in the Indonesian agrochemical market.

To adapt to the market and lead its development, Pilarquim is working hard to become an industry leader. Focusing on quality harvest, Pilarquim is always on its way.

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