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Ourofino Agrociência launches free book on bionergy from sugar caneqrcode

Mar. 25, 2021

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Mar. 25, 2021

QQ图片20210325110240.pngOn March 19th, the book "Bioenergy from Sugarcane” arrives on the market. The publication, supported by Ourofino Agrociência, has a selection of some of the main texts on bioenergy from sugar cane, published by experts and organized by the authors Marcos Fava Neves and Rafael Bordonal Kalaki.

Graduated in agronomic engineering, the authors hold the titles of Master and Doctor with about 25 years of market experience together. Fava is also one of the advisors of the crop protection industry. The work will be made available free of charge via the internet to interested parties from all over the world. Therefore, the material was written in English, one of the most widespread languages of the globe.

There are almost 300 pages with market analysis, graphs of ethanol production in the World, methods to carry out strategic plans for increasing production and expectations for the future of the segment, one of the most relevant in Brazil. It also presents several other data that can contribute to greater sustainability and for the development of the entire production chain, as well as highlights of important cases of companies and organizations, such as Copersucar and Socicana.

For Norival Bonamichi, President of Ourofino Agrociência, the book will allow the expansion of world knowledge about the work carried out by the Brazilian sugar-energy sector, which, supported by the agricultural production chain, invests more and more in technology and increased productivity. According to him, it is another way to fulfill the company's purpose in contributing to the sustainable development of agribusiness.

"The publication gives us the opportunity to understand, through data and facts worked worldwide, the importance of sugar cane for the planet. This crop, which is one of the pillars of Brazilian agribusiness, stands out for its productive variety, besides being fundamental for environmental, economic and social predictability and sustainability”, he points out.

The author and expert Rafael Kalaki explains that, together with Marcos Fava Neves, he worked to bring together a team of great authors, ranging from professors, researchers to consultants and market professionals: “we also hope to bring, once again, the name of the sector and Brazil to the whole world”.

Fava Neves says that the book is an old idea and that he hopes it will be able to strengthen the sector and be a gateway to important aspects of bioenergy. "The support of Ourofino was absolutely fundamental so that Rafael Kalaki and I could have this work completed, and today the world can know more about sugar cane and its sustainability in the production of renewable energies”, he explains.

The book “Bioenergy from Sugarcane” features layout, text review and planning from the industry communication team. It will be available for download on the Ourofino Agrociência websites (at ourofinoagro.com.br), Socicana and Doctoragro, and also on the main websites of sugar cane institutions and organizations, such as Unica, Udop and Orplana, among others.

Know below the professional trajectory of the authors:

Marcos Fava Neves is an agronomist graduated from the "Luiz de Queiroz " School of Agriculture, University of São Paulo (Esalq/USP). He has a master's, PhD and free teaching in business strategies. He is a part-time professor at the faculties of Administration of the University of São Paulo (USP) in Ribeirão Preto and Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) in São Paulo. He is also a counselor to Ourofino Agrociência.

Rafael Bordonal Kalaki holds a degree in agronomic engineering from Universidade Paulista (UNESP), a master's degree and a doctorate in Business Administration from Universidade de São Paulo (USP), a researcher from Markestrat – Center for research and projects in Marketing and Strategy – and CEO of Socicana.

About Ourofino Agrociência

Ourofino Agrociência is a company of Brazilian origin, manufacturer of crop protection products with 10 years of activity. Its factory, considered one of the most modern in the world in the segment, is located in Uberaba, in the Triângulo Mineiro, and has a production capacity of 120 million kilo/liters per year. It's built area encompassing more than 50,000 m2, with state-of-the-art equipment and an automated environment. The company develops its products based on the characteristics of the tropical climate, following the purpose of reimagining Brazilian agriculture. More information on the website ourofinoagro.com.br.


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